Friday, April 27, 2007

Carlito is ALIVE! Shot 4 is happenin.

Justin here.....

so after 2 FAILed starts.....I officially am into shot 4.{The Toghguy Entrance}
Carlito has made his way across the gate and is officially checking out Gerald the dog. The Shot is a pretty closeup shot with a pan across the hallway.

Its not my favorite shot.....but I do like it...and its only half way animated.
A couple of more key moments and Ill have it in the bag.

The reason I failed the first 2 runs was that I was trying to do a walk that would have some major funk to it.....totally unique to Carlito.I started by drawing out some key poses on paper which looked good.... but it ended up looking way to exagerated in stopmotion land.....and a little bit unbelievable.

I toned it down on my second attempt still didnt look right..Its amazing what you can get away with in 2d versus , stopmo or CG....I think of run cycles like ed , ED and Eddie on cartoon network. They are soooooooo PUSHED...super funny and completely off balance. If I do this in stop mo it looks almost like bad animation or ultra unbelievable....without balance.

so For last night I went with a completely new animation respecting who the character is and his god givin proportions. This worked out and will be in the final film.

Heres some quick images of Carlito.



Aaron ~ Road82 said...

Who gets the dog???

Is it the little girl, the rich couple, or Carlito. Or is Carlito the janitor?

Is about who gets the dog? I'm trying to piece this together.

jriggity said...

Carlito is part of a dynamic Duo....{Carlito and Manny}........{The Toughguys}are looking for a badd ass dog to adopt....some dog that will make them appear even tougher.

I wont give away if the dog gets adopted....he might not at all...they might put him down for being non adoptable.

...Im really glad your wondering.


mefull said...

What do you think causes the unbelievability of the first two animation attempts?

I know what you are saying; you can get away with a lot more in cell or CG animation. It seems like cell has been pushed farther than even CG. I am thinking of Tex Avery stuff with the eyeballs popping out in the extreme takes. It would be hard to do in stop motion and just look wrong somehow…

But that does remind me of the Large Marge scene from The Pee-wee's big adventure which was stop motion and was pretty extreme, but not realistic.

Do you think if you had the ability to do more squash and stretch with the stop motion it might work better? Or does the realistic lighting, textures etc of stop motion somehow throw it off?

I am just curious what you think since you obviously see something that was "off" or didn't feel right with your first two takes.

Shelley Noble said...

Congrats for thinking it through, Justin. grrrr.

jriggity said...

Yeah man 2d isnt limited to real world physics or lighting or proportions or ANYTHING really.

Completely different working in stop mo....which is basically recreating a little world and little living creatures...with you trying to fool the audiance into thinking the inhabitants are are real ,breathing ,thinking beings....

i think that seeing a puppet in a real world DOES makes you think the character should behave more like hes existing in a real world.
Following stricter rules of Physics or acting POSEING. I used the example of ed ,Edd and eddie.....because of the insanely out of reality run cyles that come from that show....

Totally off balance completely ond wonderfully Ridiculous poses.

I know you CAN do alot of 2d
animation Style in stop mo.......
....but I think it can look very wrong or at leas this meduim

I definately think the 2d Animation astetic is where I want to go in stop mo ....but I just wasnt good enough to pull of the pushed style I was going for.