Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dogs { FIRST WALK } Test and tryouts

Hey guys......justin here.

I created this test walk for My dog character sunday night while shel animated her Pull test using {Victoria Wealthington}. The Test was to see How the foam puppet moved and felt. To see if He could sit down even with a foam belly. I am glad to say that he passed both tests and is now approved for production.

So monday night I spent the late night setting up and designing the movement for my latest shot. The { Toughguys Entrance}

I am excited as always in using these puppets.The shot will be about 10 seconds of animation and will consist of the Skinny Toughguy{Carlito} walking ...into frame...hopefully with personality.... then calling in the Toughguy Fat {Manny} to have a closer look.

I as always have a big opporotunity to Create personality in their walks and hope to accomplish it.

hope to finish this thursday night.



Mark F said...

Hey Justin,

The dog has some great character - well done.

I was great to meet you and Shel at the ASIFA event last weekend.

I can't believe how fast you guys are progressing. You both really are "on a mission." It's great to watch your progress.


jriggity said...


Yeah man...very cool to meet you too!

Me an shel were so happy to put you and shellys faces to the blogs.

thanks man! me and shel are very serious about our films and our future in this medium.

Im very glad you enjoy watching the progress.


Shelley Noble said...

Yeah, you got it there, Justin! That walk had a ton of character! Well done.