Monday, April 23, 2007


check out my new pull test at vimeo:

pull test on Vimeo

shel here: skinny victoria wealthington doesn't know her own strength in my latest animation test. i was practicing the action of pulling and pup sort of lost his head but we all tried to make the most of it and he doesn't seem to mind too much. plus i got to practice falling as well! (okay, yes, i noticed it too, i called me and the puppets "we".....i'm beyond saving!!)


Animator X said...

Wow Shel... You're getting alot better, and in one hell of a hurry!

I like this one alot, and you're incorporating some great humor in there. Nice work!

DallasRobinson said...

that's very funny :-) It's nice to see that animation is a family event. Something for everyone to share. I'm so full of envy :-)

adam said...

Rated "M" for mature! ;P

Very cool.

Craig Harris said...

You know its first glance it looks like one of Justins animations because of what you have her doing. Great ideas behind it all. Keep working those basics in there and you'll be right on the money. Great work!!!


Jeffro said...

Love the humor in this! Definitely improving and it's cool to see you take on more complicated animations.

Michael Granberry said...

You rock! That was great, Shel!