Sunday, April 22, 2007

{Shot 3} Rich Sequence done ! {1minuet in Can}

Hey there....

I finished the Rich couple entrance and exit on wednesday evening...I stayed up extra late to finish....and it turned out really cool!

I was so excited to take the frames to work with me that day and process them so I could see what I had created..It ended up being about {23 seconds of character animation}

I am now setting up for some quick dog puppet tests....which I will share with you guys...before I start monday on The {Toughguys Entrance}....Its all really happening now....I have an official minuet of Final animation for this film which is unbelieveable.

more to come!



Shelley Noble said...

HOly MolY, Riggs, you are a MACHINE. I'm like sitting here watching you and Shel's progress like you are straped to rocketships while I sit here on a sparkler. Which hurts by the way.

Great work.

You said, "process" are you using film? Process digital how?

jriggity said...

Ha! a sparkler.....come on??

Your creating an entire HUGEMONGOUS Disneyworld imagineering....attraction in your house....Its like the Frontier town in your living space.

When I said process....I meant to take the HUGE Frames and resize them and create a Quicktime movie to watch.

I also get to add the Sound and widescreen Bars to see the final composition.

so no film here.....but I feel like it might as well be with how sweet these HUGE Images look.