Thursday, April 19, 2007

ANIMATION EDUCATION - jump timing test

for this test i was lazer focused on timing, i wanted to see if i could get the timing of the jump without editing any frames in post. on my last jump test i realized (while editing out alot of frames afterward to make the airtime look right) that i was missing some basic animation timing concepts. so the good news is my timing experience improved here. but i have to say i'm really annoyed with the archs in this piece (especially in the take off and landing), but as i go over it frame by frame i can see where it got weird, so it's all good.... stuff to work on in my next test. i have a rediculously ambitious push/pull test in mind -- i'm hoping to get started on it tonight and should be done with it in oh, say.....a year?! (HA! that was a joke--the scary thing is that in stop mo time i could've been totally serious!) -- HEAVE HO!

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