Wednesday, April 18, 2007

{Dorky Dad} and the Internet

Hey there....

I recently was told that {Dorky Dad} is on the Youtube....This is a Film I created in 2003. Its pretty cool that somebody liked it enough to throw it up there.

The version is pretty crappy so I added my own thats a Higher Quality version.
Watching this like looking at any Older art work is a bit painfull still
holds a warm spot in my heart.... so I will share with you.

All art was created by myself....except for the voiceover....My family helped me on that one.


Hey there,


Darkstrider said...

Wow dude, what's painful about it??!!?!?

It completely ROCKS!!!! I'm serious, it's completely amazing!

Aaron ~ Road82 said...

So, which takes longer. Computer animation or stop motion?
That is probably an unfair question considering the tools are different - and the computer is more forgiving. What if all the puppets, props and set were made and you were using the same story board?

p.s. i found you via Vimeo and Shel's stop motion tests

Shelley Noble said...

Justin, It rocks. What a sweet little old-fashioned (in a great way) film! Charming and well done.

jriggity said...

{Stop motion} takes far longer To create a full film!

The computer is so forgiving to mistakes....The puppets only needed to be created once.

They never break....the assets stay where you put tie downs or practical problems.

stop motion has so many different crafts and skills to need so much more time.

but....its real. I can touch it,look at it,feel it, never lose it due to electricity failing...computers going to new software.

Stop motion is alive in a whole different way.


jriggity said...

and thanks guys!!! really makes me feel great that you guys like it!

I love creating art but I really want my art to entertain more than just myself.


oarstudio said...

Justin, that was great! -G

CJandBuster said...

Justin this is WAY cool. How long have you also done CG animations?

How long did this take to make?

Thanks for sharing!

jriggity said...

I have been a cg animator for a Good while! I was innitially hired into the CG industry as a artist / animator.

I then began animating full time soon in all Id say Ive been an animating for 7 good years....

Dorky dad is my 4th Short Film. it took a couple of years to finish. I wasnt working on it as Hard as I do mY PRESENT FILM.

It wouldnt have taken nearly as long though if I did.

I hope to share my other films with you guys as well....Im in the process of trying to gather the needed files and frames.

really glad you guys like it. My present work is Far stronger and I will show some in the coming months.


Michael Granberry said...

You are a born animator, JRiggity! I'm in awe constantly watching your work!