Wednesday, May 30, 2007

{2 minute mark} and The Set Turns

Hey Guys,

Finished a shot sunday night....which put me over the 2 Min mark...It seems that Im moving really fast....but I sence a slowdown a comin.It has been nice x ing off finished shots from my boards.

We officially Turned the set around for a big series of people POV shots. These are really important and really challenging shots.I am very Excited! It reallly felt Like I was turning a giant stone wheel that was opeining a new exciting tomb that is full of treasure waiting to be discovered. A turning point indeed.

I will spend this entire week sculpting dog heads. I set my goal of 3 heads a night.
This should set me up for a few tests next week. A prance test anim for the dog and a few tests with the Gate technology. I'll be picking up the fence and replaceing it every frame for some pretty big its got to be real solid.This I am appreciatively leaving up to shel to solve.{Im very Lucky}

so.... a few weeks ahead till I get a new shot for the Film....but it will be a Huge step taken when finished....Plus a good 7 or 8 seconds of footage.



Shelley Noble said...

Wooty hoo hoo, Justin! Congrats, Man. This is a big deal. I LOVE how you are excited by the challenge of animating the reaction shots! GOGOGO.

I like the results of your sculpting each dog head on its own but I also want to make sure you've considered casting a fairly blank dog head in silicone and then pushing the clay into that in order to speed up creating the series? Like I said, I like the way you are working and it might be doing "more for you" your current method of a fresh head from scratch each expression.

Ooo. I just thought of something wild for the cage shots. What if you fixed the grid in front of the camera instead of the set? Giving you enough space to reach in to animate without moving it at all? I have no clue if the perspective and scale of a set up like that would work but sometimes one thought might lead to another that does.

Good luck!

Sven Bonnichsen said...

Congrats! Great progress!

jriggity said...


Fixing the cage to the camera!!!

thats a really interesting idea....hmmmm ...I must investigate this...

I'll give it a try and see what I can come up with.

as for the heads....I definately thought of a nuetural mold that I could adjust....I just couldnt figure out how it would save time....

due to having a styrafoam center and unmoldable inner mouths stuff.{teeth, tongue}It seems like the time savings would be small in reguards to just doing it one at a time.

I have definately wrestled with this subject.

thanks for the great ideas!


handmadeheros said...

shelley, i love how your mind works!!!! we'll be sure to let you know how the camera cage grid tests go!


Anonymous said...

Are the mouths replaceable animation, then?

That's how I'm doing it with clay; I nicked the sideways mouth idea from The PJ's! It's gonna be fun to see that on an alien...

jriggity said...

the mouths on shel character will be stick on mouths! Either stickers or small clay replacement mouths.

My dog will have complete head replacements....while my human characters will have sticker mouths.