Monday, May 28, 2007


shel here: our son shamus is between shots (he's been using our extra set up for a school project) so i borrowed the rich guy (richard wealthington) to do this quick run test. so fun to get my hands on a puppet again!

run test from handmadeheros on Vimeo

learned alot about posing this time around, and the timing part is getting easier so that's cool, and i'm starting to "sense" when a frame is right, still don't always know when they're wrong but there's a feeling when the balance and the pose and placement is just right that goes "AHHHH, YES!" those frames are so satisfying to click!


mefull said...

You must be absorbing animation skills in your sleep. Just amazing progress shel, good sense of weight on the landing steps.


handmadeheros said...

thanks mark! i have a good teacher!


Sven Bonnichsen said...

Very cool!

Hey -- just out of curiousity -- are you left-handed?

Watching your clip, I realized that most folks (for no particular reason) have their puppets walk from left to right. Seeing yours go right to left -- it made me wonder...

Shelley Noble said...

She's prolly ambidexerhoo!

Great work, Shel!

Harv said...

Nice run, I'm really enjoying your blog and your evolution as stop-motion artists...the both of you!

MikeD said...

Hey Justin and Shel,

I followed the link to your blog from a comment you left at mine -- really nice stuff you're doing here! Your passion for the craft really shows. Keep up the great work. I can't wait to see your film.

Mike D