Wednesday, May 2, 2007

An Animation Education HEAD SCRATCHER

Hi, Shel here, and up above is what's left of the animation test i did this week. i felt it was a fail (though Justin kindly said he thought i was making improvement in smoothing most of the the archs out in the walk i deleted). i wanted to do a push test (cuz you know, i've got walking, jumping and pulling under my belt now....HA!). so i had the big guy here walk up to a box to push on it....but when he got there i realized that i hated his walk (i think a zombie bit him while my head was turned) AND the the box was way too small for a hulking stud as himself......big he just stood there and scratched his head, as perplexed as me and said, "Waa doo wa ma duuuuh wid leeeee baaa?" which of course is zombie for "What did you want me to do with this little box?" So i cut out the walk, but i kind of liked the head scratch so i saved it, you can see it on vimeo if you click the link (but don't blink!). I'm not sure what I'm going to do next, I'm as perplexed as my poor zombied puppet, i think just keeping on trying out new moves is a bit silly cuz i have so much to learn about every move, and really just the basic principals of animation..... but on the other hand, just by moving stuff i'm getting good experience...... so i'm trying to decide whether to push forward and try new moves or concentrate on actually learning the stuff i've already played with. justin says a bouncing ball is a good excercise, but then he also says do something that's fun.... I'm planning on another practice test tomorrow night, so i'll have to figure it out soon!

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