Friday, May 4, 2007

Shot 4 Finished {Toughguys Entrance}

Hey guys...

another shot finished.......Pfffeeeewww...This was supposed to be an easy shot....maybe 10 seconds long I thought {19 in the end}jeeez!!
. It was so much more work than I would have guessed.......I thought it was going to take 1 night....maybe 2 TOPS. It ended up being 5 nights of work.

One of my issues was back tracking..........My first night of animating was a total fail...2 attempts at the {Skinny toughguy-Carlito} walk didnt work out...

Night 2 I finally got the walk right but felt one of his moves was a bit too night 3 had more back tracking. NIGHT 4 I finished the animation....but I HATED {Toughuy Fat- Mannys}

again....Night 5.....and sucess! It was all worth it because the puppets look great on film and the animation is clean and appealing...{I think at least} Ha!
well Im going to reward myself with a double feature Friday night.....and Sunday I start a New truly short shot ....3 sec maybe 4....Tough guys giving a reation to what they see in the cage.

also here are some of the early development sketches to find what these characters were born from.....I had these on my hard drive so I thought Id post a few.... to celebrate the finished toughguy entrance.
over an out..


Shelley Noble said...

Simply Fantastic. I love how you know how long each scene you want will be and then you craft it until it's right. Your background is really serving you well now, huh?

Sven Bonnichsen said...

Congratulations Justin! Way to push through the frustration to other side!

And I LOVE getting to see the character designs... Thanks!