Monday, May 7, 2007

Shot 5 Finished{I think}

Well , another late night and another shot in the can.

I did a short reaction shot for the toughguys last night and finished it.....its one of those shots that Im not sure how I feel about.......I dont like it but I dont dislike it either...

Its a small reaction but Im a bit picky ...... I would like to not have a shot in this film that bugs me every time I watch I ll have to decide soon.

otherwise its on to another marathon Toughguy shot . It should be funny if I animate it right....its gona take a full week of evenings I got to get my beans up for this one.

In the mean time....heres some more early sketches of the Gerald character....he had alot of different shapes from when he first was invented to where he landed.



Shelley Noble said...

Justin, I'm sure that Shot 5 is better than anything as it is. If you do decide to re-shoot tho it's probably easier now with the set and pupp already still set up, yeah?

jriggity said...

yes ....definately easier cause the characters are in place and lit.

and thanks for your confidence!....this one definately needed improvement...