Tuesday, May 8, 2007


justin again....

As yesterdays work day went on....I bubbled inside with unsatisfacsation.....I felt without even looking at the shot that it needed to be better... I got home from work , we had {family Movie night} put the kids to bed.
Then Shel looked at the shot} She thought it was good but maybe I should go back to it after another shot.....She also didnt like how the Fat Toughguy characters face was being sliced by the bars.....This was enough for me to know I needed to reshoot.

I now clearly could see it wasnt good enough......as small a shot as it is {4 sec} it was missing some anticipation that could really sell the visual.....It just plain wasnt good enough.

I practiced coin magic for an hour and then into the {Hot} garage I went.....mind made up and clearly understanding where I went wrong on the previous nights work.....I poped in some seasons of FUTURAMA..... and off to the races.

I am so glad I did....The animation is 100% better now.....I gave the Fat Toughguy some tall shoes that got his face out of the bar.....and inproved the animation and timing all around.I am super happy I did it.
Its much easier to do reshoots with 3-4 sec shots....as apposed to 10-20....Ha!
Another thing I wanted to write about is how I'm animating through a fence.....im using dental sculpting tools to do alot of long distance adjusting...This is wild but........I hardly notice anymore when Im reaching over it , through it or around it....its quite a funny way to work.
I was a little worried when I first started that it would drive me crazy .....but shels sturdy construction allows me to lean on it , bump it and not even worry about things moving.
Powerfull shel !!!

now on to the Trash talking Toughguy sequence...should be really fun!

I LOVE Carlitos face in the bottom pic!! Hes like.....whos this fool think he is touchin my dome???Ha!!


mefull said...

Justin has done a reshoot!

I sure love Futurama; sorry it never caught on like the Simpson’s.

Kudos’ to you for doing the reshoot if you were not completely happy with it. It has to be a tough decision especially when you have so much time invested.

I was wondering about animating through the fence. That has got to take some getting used to.


Tennessee Reid said...

Yo Justin!

With Shels set superpowers you should consider a registering, removable fence. I know you say you have adjusted to animating through the wire but believe me it will get old and you may ind yourself limiting the characters behind the wire without even realizing it. I would suggest a set of drawer sliders to create a vertical lift - then a latch at the top to keep the sliding gate in 'up' position - then a latch and some registration keys or pins in the 'down' position. Freedom of access is the key to animation sanity, babe!

jriggity said...


I really want to do a good job and not let the complacencey bug infect me through lazyness or fatigue.

Ill continue to reshhot anything that warrants it...as painfull as it might be.

Thanks for the tip man! I will talk with shel about the slidiing window technology.

and I do know what you mean about acess limiting the coolness of the animation....I dont think Im doing that.

but it could become a problem I dont want.


Shelley Noble said...

Very cool. You can tell from the still shots how great a job you're doing, it's as though they are alive with character.

What's with the abs? Extreme Animator. We can make money later with pin-up posters for the laaadies.

jriggity said...


I knew somebody was gona give me
shit for that picture..

well.....its all that {not sleeping , macaroni and cheese and and 3 kid sandwiches.... that keeps me fit.