Friday, May 25, 2007

Edwardo Action Figure!

Hey Guys,

I was visited this last sunday by a friend and obvious character inspiration {G money Vera}.He is a Powerfull Game designer for videogame companies all over california.

G, me and shel.....have plans of doing a project together after My film is finished....starting next year.....aftyer our meeting we sent him off with a gift from {Stunt Puppet Pictures} His very own G money action figure.

I though it was a cool pic.....

I also finished the Touguy Exit....which turned out really cool...I definately think its my best yet.....

For this sunday I have been resculpting the puppy from the little girl sequence. I will reshoot this due to some rethinking of the motives of her charcater...This will be the last shot with this camera set up. I am then moving into the Dog cage soon and Im excited about it!!


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Shelley Noble said...

Toooo cute! w00t! G Money!