Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ANIMATION EDUCATION - tail test (and a rubber duck just cuz)

okay, i think my teacher might like me or something cuz he gave me another A (yeeehee!).

tail test from handmadeheros on Vimeo

this is my most recent test. the instruction was to do an ease in and ease out test with a tail. i had to do it blind again (son shamus is still working on the set to finish up his stop mo school project) but it's not that many frames so it wasn't a big problem. i'm very much looking forward to getting back to pushing some puppets and using a frame-grabber again though!

i also made some set props for dressing the dog set: ducks, electric box for the wall, dog bowls (one strong one for sitting there and one malliable one for Gerald the dog to chew up), another padlock for the gate, etc. i love sculpy, so much fun to play with (and we discovered something called "sculpy clay softener" which makes the old dried up or too hard sculpy soft and mushy again and makes my fingers happy.)


Craig Harris said...

One word Shel.... "BUTTER" !!!!

What a great little test...taking the time to do these little things will jump your animation by leaps and bounds. Great work!!!

DallasRobinson said...

Ya! I finally got to see it! It's really cool! how many ball tests are you gonna do? Looks like you had fun doing it! (does the red ball on the antenea stretch a bit as it goes forward? how was that done?)

Shelley Noble said...

You deserve the A, Shel! You are rocking it! And that duck--perfect! I'm a huge fan of your sets and props!

handmadeheros said...

thanks guys!!!! i'm loving this sooo much. dallas, this guys is made out of sculpy that i cooked till it got hard, so any changes on the red ball are just it shifting around or angling in a way that makes the shape different to the camera's eye.

Jeffro said...

Awesome quick test. You're constantly improving, keep the tests coming!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Can't...Stop... Misspelling my posts! Where's the blasted edit button?

Ah well.

Nice snappy animation there, Shel! I think you're ahead of me in terms of the physics of your movements. If this is 12 frames per second, then color me even more impressed. :)

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