Monday, May 21, 2007

FUEL TO THE FIRE inspiring new friends

justin and i are headin into this week fat, full and happy. we filled up on INSPIRATION sunday when the amazing Shelley Noble with her guy Paul and Michael Granberry came to play. OPEN, FUN, LOVELY each of them (not to mention 3 of the nicest people you're likely to meet). though we met online, it felt like old friends walking in the door. we showed 'em our sets and puppets and shots and kids; took 'em down in the "hole" where we all worked up an apppetite by sword fighting, boxing, climbing, bouncing, bungeeing, swinging and such; we ate grub (didn't taste so bad this time, so we are improving on the hospitality front); we watched Suzie Templeton's Peter and the Wolf (which was insanely inspiring and especially fun to watch with other stopmo freaks); but very best of all was the conversation that wove through it all. it's so exciting to hang out with people who "get it". we talked about puppets and sets and stories and and how we all got started in the first place. we talked about motivation and balancing real life with stop mo schedules. we talked about theater and musicals and pakour (google it, it's pretty damn cool!) and life and art. we talked about how stop mo is addictive and meditative at the same time. sharing the passion with these guys just fueled our fire. justin and i often talk about how grateful we are to the online stop mo community for all the friendly and generous support they've freely given, so i guess it's no surprised that as we begin to meet them in real live person it's just like meeting up old with friends.


Shelley Noble said...

Omagawd, I'm so glad you posted these photos, Shel!! Now I have a record of the INCREDIBLE day!

I'm rendered speechless.

You guys RULE!!!

Micheal, check the rad air you got, Dood!!

I can't say how much it meant for me and Paul to meet you and hear about your beautiful lives.

I'm still sleeping off the effect of the fantastic battles in the hole but tomorrow I will make an attempt at putting into words some of what you've inspired.

Michelle Jennings said...

Thanks for sharing those amazing photos!I bet you had a wonderful time with your friends.You people rock!!!

jriggity said...

thanks !

! It was a really really fun Day!
and It definately exploded me and shels inspiration tops off!!!!!!!

talk about fuel on the fire!!!!

Im ready to take on the stop mo world!!


Michael Granberry said...

Haha, these pics are GREAT! It was such a fun afternoon...really got me out of my creative rut and back into sculpting my cast for Ambersons 3!

I love that pic of you on the trampoline, Shelley!

Can't wait to see y'all again...


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