Wednesday, June 20, 2007

1rst Official Dog Shot In the CAN!!

All right!!!

Its official....this is my first Dog shot in the can. It feels really good!!I was a little intimidated by the puppet and sequences to come. The shot turned out nicely and Gerald is alive and full of Magic.

I animated the {Rich Prance and Point}the shot consists of the Rich couple walking over to the cage to seeing Gerald prancing and bouncing about...looking unconcerned and a bit snooty untill he breaks his mood by stepping on his rubber ducky! This breaks him out of character ofcourse.....but he quickly recovers and assumes his posturing.

I created 3 tests in getting to this final version of the shot...1rst was just designing the prance and timing-feeling the space....

2nd was actually trying to do a real shot.....I failed though....which made me question everything. This is where my brain started asking questions.....what am I trying to get across to the audiance? is it coming across? and what is it gona take to get it across......ouuuch! It is hard enough just getting a clean animation!!!

well ....after getting my head ready ....talking the shot over with shel...I was ready....and it shows.I will be using this questioning throughout my film however painfull it is to do.

Its an exhausting marathon with a coach driving the jeep next to you with a Megaphone telling you to keep your nees UP....Its not just finishing the race{INCREDIBLY Hard on its own} Its doing it WELL.

So......On to my next shot - much shorter and just as challenging...Ha!



Shelley Noble said...

Hi-lar-i-ous gag with the stomped on duck, Justin!

Congrats and Hazzah on the first Gerald shot success!

Rock it, you guys.

Ethan said...

Hey Justin-

I can't wait to see Gerald in action! I'm sure the shot came out great.

Hey- what's the story with all the pre-drilled tiedown holes. Are you planning on removing thos in post or are all the shots low angles where they don't show?

Tennessee Reid said...
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Tennessee Reid said...


I continue to be impressed with the quality and timing of your animation!

I saw the bottom of the cage like a drain or something that is indicative to a dog pound - not sure that the untrained eye of a non animator would see it as tiedown holes.

Keep it up !!!

jriggity said...


Yeah! the tie down holes was a part of my newbieness and a look I've come to like. time Ill try and drill as I go.....

but,it seems so dangerous to me...hard to get in those places with a big clumsy drill and Im afraid to bumb up the set.

worst case I could just paint them out and replace the image per frame.


Sven Bonnichsen said...

Amen on what Shells said -- the duck gag's great!

I also really appreciate that little detail of the scratches on the wall, counting the days.

...Keep climbing up that hill brother!

Darkstrider said...

Dayum dude!!! Hey, I envy you that drill instructor. Wish I had one - it's probably a lot harder to do such quality work on your own, with nobody cracking the whip (well, not that I've ever done anything at that level of quality!)

About the tie-down holes in the future - you can pre-drill wherever you think you'll need them and then fill them with matching clay and just pop each one out when you need it, then refill afterwards.

jriggity said...

Thanks for the Tip Strider!

preplanning is the key.


Anonymous said...

I agree, those holes do look like a drain...And I think that anyone watching the incredible animation isn't going to notice or care what they are. I've found that people have gotten away with leaving mistakes in-in Moral Orel, I think I saw a neck wire sticking out of the foam on one of the adult characters at one point. Didn't phase me one bit, and I usually agonize over details.

norvey said...



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