Sunday, July 1, 2007

7 Things of Taggage.

So .....Me and shel were tagged by Ubatuber with the 7

1. I was a Competitive Freestle Bmx Rider in my youth and into my colledge years.It was a true passion and somthing I enjoyed and wanted to do more than anything.

2. I grew up in Miami Florida in some ocassionally Nasty neighborhoods with some
occasionally Nasty people....and had some some occasionally Nasty altercations.

3. I am MADLY In love with my Wife!!!!!!we met at a rock climbing gym in Santa Monica ca.

4. As a defining part of my artistic youth the Film {The Secret of Nimh}{Land Before Time} and the video games {Dragons Lair and Space Ace} were MAJOR Inspirations in becomeing and Animator and Artist. {Don Bluth}

5. I had my first son Nicholas at 18 in Hartford Connecticut....I have 3 children 2 boys, {Nicky, Shamus and a Daughter....Aedon}

6. I always wished I could become a super hero.... a bouncy hyper kid... I worked hard at all the skills involved in becomeing a Comic book hero.Gymnastics and Stunt training were part of my daily do...ha!....still is in some cases.

7. I am by nature very shy and Hate large Crowds.

thats it .....shel will drop her 7 in a bit.



Shelley Noble said...

Cool sweet story, J

Mad Max Winston said...

Hey! Whaddya know, I drop by your blog and learn a bunch about your life's history, ha. Who wouldda known. Thanks for checking out my blog, I remember seeing you at the stop motion expo, would have said hi if I had seen a picture of you or something before, ha. I should have said hey anyways, oh well. Your stop motion stuff looks awesome, and that's really cool that you are still doing it when you have kids and a wife and everything! Keep it up!

Also, you should get your kids to be your stop motion minions. Free labor! Ha...

jriggity said...

Ha! thanks guys!

yeah ....I have the boys help out sometimes....they definately have more experiance around the artform than most .

I definately harbor a small hope that theyll wana help out in the future in a bigger way.


Wahoony said...

Cool, I want a gym like that! :-D