Sunday, June 10, 2007

Back on the Animation Horse!

Hey there,

so......deep last night was my first step into the cage. I have been busy with dog heads all last week and am nearing the start of a New shot. I had 4 goals for the evening....

1.Design a prance Animation.
2.Feel the cagespace for animation....reachability
3.Test the Fake cage technology.
4.Feel out the hanging Rig Situation for wire support

It took me three tries but I got a prance I like {Although I'll shoot it on 1's in the real shot}..I got some experiance in the cagespace ....and the FAKE CAGE technology is gona work awesomely{THANKS to HERSELF!!!!!}Shelly Noble.I figured i need a thinner support rig for less shadow creation and removal.

I am meeting a professional lighting designer to help me in my weakest ability...I am very excited and hopeing to learn and get a great looking set.

Ill tell you guys about it as soon as I can.



Anonymous said...

Hey, you said "shoot on 1's", but I still don't know what frame rate you're using for this project. Is it 24? It seems like everyone is working at 30 these days, and it's driving me crazy because I work pretty small, and everything just whizzes by at that playrate.

jriggity said...

Im shooting on 2's for the project at 24frames a sec.

I will be shooting the prance part of the anim on ones because its gona bee a fast movement and having the frames will help it flow


Aaron said...

i have a question about the 1's also.

What does that mean?
And what does 2's mean too.

jriggity said...

ones is when you shoot 1 frame for every piece of a second.

Like at 24 frames a sec your shooting 24 pics...for one sec of animation.

on 2's....your takeing only 12 pics for that same second of animation...your just playing each frame twice.


Shelley Noble said...

That looks so awesomely awesome, Justin!! This film is a classic in the making! So cool to be able to watch it happen here!

smack! xoxo

Anonymous said...

I have a question about that,

How would you go about animating a camera move on 1's while doing the puppet movements on 2's? I'm thinking that could very quickly become a logistic nightmare, because it's something I would like to just save for fixing in post, but I can't stagger the movements of puppet and camera from eachother if they are moving together every frame. Might as well just shoot the puppets on 1's during any camera move to simplify things.

By the way, I tried my hand at 12fps today, and it ended up having to be sped up to 15 before it looked like it was paced right. I don't know how you do it...

jriggity said...

I dont know much about camera moves.

but I animate the camera every frame even when the char is on 2's is how Ive heard its done!


Ubatuber said...

Everythings looking great, man! Be sure to share whatever you learn from the lighting pro :)