Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Weathering and Lighting!

hey guys,

well the Pound Interior set is lit, dressed , weathered and Ready for action.
Shel did a great job with the set interior...she got exactly the right look I WANTED.

I had the pleasure of meeting a professional Lighting artist through a recomendation by Tenessee Ried Norton. {Alia Houser}....she is a lighter over at SHADOW MACHINE and she know her stuff. She came over with a big box of cool Ligting stuff and cool professional in the BIZ slang....I learned quite a few new terms.

Me and shel watched and learned......not just about lighting but stopmotion .

She lit my set to the specs I requested and I now am ready to shoot a real shot for my finished film.The exciting part of the next few shots being created is that I will be able to edit some real sequences together...Ill get a real look at where my film is going.

Wednesday night I will animate the Dog suduction of the Rich Couple....I cant wait.



Shelley Noble said...

Man, are you LUCKY! Making the film of your dreams supported by babe-alishousness.

I'll be paying attention to what Ms. Houser set up for you. maybe one day you could take some snaps of the lighting set up and tell us what you remember about the reason for each piece? That sounds like too much work--I'd rather you kept animating.

jriggity said...

Ill gladly pass on the knowledge at our next meeting.


Anonymous said...

Well, I see my lighting advice wasn't right for your setup. Drat!

Man, that's a sick amount of lights, and I could never get away with that kind of setup on my stuff...everything is made of clay! At this point, I'm considering going with 3 40 watt bulbs and calling it a day. Of course, I shoot using a video camera...You've got all the ISO/shutter/aperture mumbo jumbo to tangle with.

Well, I'm glad you got some outside help with your lighting, anyway...

jriggity said...

I couldnt pass up a pro lesson from A working stop motion lighting expert!

thanks for all your tips.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hey, I don't blame ya! I'm not a professional grip, I was just sharing what works for me.

I can't see what she did, but it looks like there's a spot in there. The fill is really far back, and I see the camera got moved pretty far from the set as well. It looks like you're working in front of it now, instead of reaching around it! Cool stuff.

norvey said...

HI, how are you.

Im from colombia, i like your work and i love stop motion animation.

ill like to work with you. do you have MSN?
i want you write me all about your work. i am starting to work an stop motion animation. im happy

norvey said...

Hi again.

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