Thursday, October 18, 2007

Old pics during my posting lull!

Hey guys,

Been crazy hard at work on my freelance job. What was supposed to be a 4 week job turned out to be a 9 day job......CRAZY!!! I busted ass and got it done....So I might be able to sneak some work in on my Film in the next few days.

Cant wait to get back.

heres an onld pic in the mean time.



Ryan McCulloch said...

what a great pic. I didn't realize you were using replacement animation for the dog's face.

Shelley Noble said...

4 weeks into 9 days? holy crappulance. The mind boggles at that.

I know you are am animation super hero but I hope you rest for a minute. Even Superman had that ice grotto sanctuary thingy!

Joel Brinkerhoff said...

Nice. Are you using a mold to make a starter head? We used Alginate sometimes. It saved having to start from scratch each head. Also are you using a frame grabber?

Keep up the great work.

jriggity said...

Ha! yes, i have definately shifted back in to balance....

I took basically a week off after the push to catch some zzzz's and watch some movies.

as for the mold ....No- I was sculpting each and every one seperately.

I wanted to do the other way but Im useing some foam inside the head to keep them light. Which called for individual creation.

and yes , I have been useing Monkey jam as a frame grabber.

It has worked great for me.