Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Powerfull Armature of JUSTICE!!

Hey Guys,

been crazy busy doing some freelance animation work . Its very fun stuff....great characters and cool scenes but I have completly put My film on
PAUSE!Ive been up all hours of the night trying to help a crew get a deadline met with some cool animation ta boot.

I'll be working on this freelance for a few more weeks and then Ill be able to continue work on FILM.

I thought Id share an incredible piece of artwork that is for my next project....Me and shel have a great new project that will start as soon as we finish {Geralds Last Day}.

We have done quite a large ammaount of pre production work on it even though we are not supposed to start till next year...Ha! It makes a great balance to my focus on the Film though.

If I need a break on my film.....I can always sculpt charcaters for the next project.

well....for this project we decided to have professional armatures created for the main characters {4 of em}. This is the first one created and It is Bueatifull!!!!!

Jurgen from {Stop mo tech} created it and I cant wait to use it. Ill probably do a quick anim test before I start sculpting ontop of it.Hopefully this weekend..a quick walk or somthin.

pretty isnt it!!!



mefull said...

Nice armature, the character looks fun, big ears and a tail hmmm.

Shelley Noble said...

The Riggity Juggernaut of Justice rolls on.

Dig it.

So much going on for the clan, things looking temptingly fun. Go go go.

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin, is this Freelance animation work you're doing, stopmotion?

Ethan said...

Armature looks awesome Justin! The switch from wire to b&s will make you soooo happy!

Cheers on the freelance! Stopmo right?

jriggity said...

Yeah guys.... I cant wait to use it

as for the freelance....No

Its the MIGHTY CG that was available to me for extra work.
There is always a surplus of CG work out there and I have the skills to help em out.

I dont feel Im qualified to take on stop mo freelance .......

I dont have the experiance and I wouldnt know the first place to get that kind of work either.

but some day??


Young Vo said...

Love the clay test!

Awesome armature, expecting some awesome work ;)

Anonymous said...

*unintelligible swearing*

You know you have the talent to work freelance, Jriggity. You're the most *more unintelligible swearing* I've ever known.

Ryan McCulloch said...


Mad Max Winston said...

Wow, how exciting! It should be fun to animate those... you have a dvd comin soon, i swear! I even wrote out the envelope the other day! Soooon....