Thursday, November 29, 2007

1rst Armature tests!!

Hey guys,

ive been off stop mo for over 6 weeks now....Longest stretch in the last year.

so.... I finally got around to testing out my armature...these are really rough....and I will definately do a couple more tests before I start sculpting ontop of this bad boy.

things I learned....its hard to animate just a naked armature....I really use the shapes of my characters to dictate the poses rather than the bones. Itll take me a couple of trys to find my groove but Iys there.

also...I threw together a really weak support system for holding my character up during animating. This SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!! make sure you get some solid character support or animateing is a PAIN in the arse!!!

hope ya enjoy.



Anonymous said...

NICE!!! Looks like B&S. Did you make those joints? You work fast.

Shelley Noble said...

Hey, Justin, I really appreciate your talking about what things didn't work that well for you with tests. It gives me something to look at beyond your great life-like animation.

You rock.

jriggity said...


I got the powerfull wierd dough{jurgen} to create it for me.

Thanks .....Ill definately try to add more knowledge to these posts.

Soooooper Bizzzy!!


Sven Bonnichsen said...

Fantastic work, as usual!

The more I try to wrap my mind around weight and spacing, the more dumbfounded I am by how good your stuff looks. Congrats!

Ryan McCulloch said...

SO FRIGGIN SWEET! So should have that armature be a character! He looks really cool with the gun. like a Duck-Terminator.

Young Vo said...

Wow! those test are great. Can't even begin to figure out how you are doing it!

Darkstrider said...

If I shave my head will I too be able to animate with such greatness?


jriggity said...


only if you keep it freshly shaved and adorn it with the MIGHTY Stripes of JUSTICE!!