Wednesday, December 12, 2007

MONSTER shot!! and Another Winter.

Hey Guys,

In the deep feeling of not moving forward enough....I decided to take one of the remaining HUGE shots I have left.{The Tough Dog} This shot I had in my mind for a Long time now.....and was excited to do it {as well as scared} . This of course requires {THE DREADED SETUP} This always take me FOREVER!!! I had to sculpt a bunch of new angry heads and clean up a bunch of used ones from othershots. This took an entire day. Then I had to setup the camera and computer....this takes time......then and most importantly I set up {my mind}. 2 days of thinking /imagining the shot / discussing the shot with shel

......Finally..... into the garage I go.Its cold in there. This reminds me that I was in there last winter too. Wow!! Time is going WAY to quickly.

This shot require my dog to drag his bowl to the center of the cage and then attack it with gusto. Easy enough / but Something I completely forgot a bout untill I got a ways into the shot was that my dog bowl is full of dog food. Uh ohhh....this shot just got way more difficult.Hmmmm......I thought....Maybe CG Dogfood....thatd be easy!! But itll look sooooo not part of the scene to me.Lighting is not my strongest talent.

Well I decided to not think about it and let whatever I decided the moment the first food would fly be what happens. Well it happened allright. all over the place. I had a harryhausen moment keeping track of the food particles flying all over the cage.

Im 2 Full night shifts in to this shot and hope to finish tonight....Except for one of my tiedowns breaking midshot..... Everythings looking good. The shots a keeper.

one things 4 sure.....Im gona have a monstrous ammount of wire removal in the end... POWERFULL!



Michael Granberry said...

You. Are. CRAZY!! And I can't wait to see the shot because it'll turn out genius, like everything you touch...

Rock on, brotha... :)

Tony Merrithew said...

Really nice work, brings back memories of the stop motion magic.

Sven Bonnichsen said...

WOW. Color me impressed. I saw that they used this same strategy in Peter & the Wolf -- but a mere mortal attempting it?

Oh, who am I kidding. You've totally got super powers.

(Just, please, tell me you didn't forget to shoot a "clean plate" at the beginning!)

jriggity said...

Thanks guys! is always appreciated.

as for the blank plate...FUNNY story....I usually take my plate at the end of animation.

this has always worked fine for me...but this time DAMMIT...I ended thhe shot with a practical quick zoom ...thus Screwing up my plate.

I pieced together a clean plate by mixing a couple of frames together though so all is fine.


Ryan McCulloch said...

I've forgotten to take a clean plate too, it sucks! But you'll make it all look great. love the production shots.