Wednesday, December 19, 2007


hi ya'll. i'm making a new "friend" for my puppet lola to play with (more like an archenemy actually). justin's been calling him WRASLAR which may stick. this pic is him in his first incarnation but i decided i'm not so much into the captain kangaroo look so i took his head off and am making him a new head and some hands now. (who knew captain kangaroo was lurking around in my sub concious!)

the thing i'm most excited about is that i made a ball and socket armature out of bits and pieces (left from our attempts to make an armature for the Gerald the dog). i'm hoping that the armature will work out cuz i got real discouraged by the wire breakage i was getting on lola. i spent alot of time playing with armatures for lola too, but i gave up, cuz i just don't have small enough pieces, she's really skinny. we're still looking into maybe hiring out options for her....and justin suggested giving her permanent elbow and knee pads which would help alot with the fat armature joints.....more to come on that when i figure it out.

i haven't been animating AT ALL since september (it started by me saying i just have to get all these kids settled in school....). i'm sure i forgot everything i was starting to know but i'm itching to get back to my animation education so when this guy is done.....(feel free to hold me to that). it's so easy to distract myself by making puppets (and sculpting and making sets for our super top secret project that we can't talk about but if we could we would report that it is a very exciting process).


Anonymous said...

Hi Shel,

Broken wires shouldn't be a problem with almaloy armature wire. As long as you have two strands, you can get 200+ bends at each stress point.

It's good to see that you're trying other things, though. Those puppets take a lot of time and money to make, so they gotta have a good skeleton!

Ryan McCulloch said...

Nice job Shel, can't wait to see what you produce:)

Young Vo said...
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Young Vo said...

I think Captain Kangaroo is in all of us in one form or another;0
Can't wait to see you bring him to life.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaron said...

Elvis in sweats, after eating a Kangaroo .

Can we see a video of the armature making? Was there brazing involved?
Or are they parts of armatures bought from a armature making place?