Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Shel's guy's NEW HEAD

Here's the new (non-captain kangaroo-ish) head for Lola's arch enemy.

(.....and a couple hands).

the second half of his mold is firming up as i write, i'm hoping to foam him tonight.
and i have a pup (Justin's Gerald the Dog #7) in the oven too (#s 8 & 9 armatures are waiting in the wings, we're hoping these are the last set of dogs we'll need for the film).
we did our final POUND PUP shot list last night and it looks like justin has 26 more days of shooting (or in his case 26 more late nights of shooting). we're thinking we'll be done with all the shots by april. it really feels like we can see a distant but clear light at the end of the tunnel!!!
today is x-mas but we did our big turkey presents bonanza last sunday when our family was in town, so in Raschville today it's just ART DAY with cookies and candy canes!

hope your day is just as funfilling. merry merry to you all!


Shelley Noble said...

Excellent sculpt, Shel, great re-do too. You're rocking like a Riggity.

Merry Christmas to all!

CJandBuster said...

I like the new and improved Baddie. He looks menacing. they hands are very good as well.

And Grats on the light at the end of the tunnel.."Go into the light"

Happy Holidays!!!

handmadeheroes said...

thanks guys. he just came out of the oven and is looking good! can't wait to post his paint job.

p.s. i'm likin shelly's belly!

crom said...

wow, just searching around the net and found your place. Your stuff looks amazing.