Friday, January 4, 2008

FAIL FAIL FAIL#3 Strikes and Im up to Bat Again

Hey guys,
Things were going great for a bit there.....I started a shot that I thought would be really straight forward. I was WRONG. The animatiion on paper was simple enough.
{Gerald} Was to watch the toughguys leave then walk back to his corner . SIMPLE.

{Night one}I went into the garage with an idea that after Gerald watches the Toughguys leave he would look down at the bowl pushing or nudging it in a Failure kind of way.
BAD START- I didnt even start animateing this one till 2 in the morning. I really try not to ever start a shot past 1:00 am. My mind is just a bit blurry and generateing the energy required after a FULL day of work and family is Harder to muster.


off to the went ok till the push of the bowl. I Went overboard...pushed to hard. This killed the emotional KEYFRAME I wanted to hit.Then I had him walk back to the corner and sit down. Half assed too....I felt the shot wasnt going to work at this I just rushed the sit.....Its nothing like the real sit will be.....
I usually dont check my animations but every 2-3 seconds of footage I shoot. I just trust my instincts and the flipping slider in Monkeyjam. This I might change soon.

Problem #2
I animated the dogs turning around in too few keyframes.......Crraaaaaap! finished the shot but
NOT GOOD ENOUGH....Shouldnt have shot so late..

shot is going AWESOME.......MY light slowly fades ...I notice my frames are looking dark WAY too late....Dammmit!!!! FAIL

Im finishing this dammm shot tonight!! I got a schedule to keep....I finished but screwed up the walk Royally. I know how a dog walks but in the way my dog was posed I couldnt get him in the right position naturally to engage in to a natural stride. He looked as if he was just turning and walking backwards......CARAAAAAAAP!! I tryd to have him pause and look at the duck useing it as an excuse to get his legs squared looks like I had it happen....????????? I do another half ass Sit just to say I finished it. NOTHING Like what I picture.

so....I analyze my problems and FIX EM. My mind is straight and Into the Dungeon once more. Im SUPER clear and fully confident.



Shelley Noble said...

Justin, these clips are fantastic. Gerald has such heart and emotion in both, each subtly different. For anyone else they would be a total triumph.

But I understand that you see things in movement and performance that most can't see. I also believe that you will NAIL IT! exactly as you want it.

Your schedule is getting your film done for sure but even the greats need some do-overs to get their art just right.

Thanks for showing your whole experience! It's great to watch this.

Paul (Vortex42) said...
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Paul (Vortex42) said...

Your determination to match what you have in your mind is inspirational. These shots are your failures and they still look totally excellent! You should be proud man!

CJandBuster said...

Justin- As has been said these shots look great! You have a vision and your going for it.thats admirable and motivational. Keep up the great stuff! With what we do see I can't wait to see the whoel thing when its done and available for purchase.

Ryan McCulloch said...

You're so lucky your crap looks like GOLD.

Pram said...

A quick word about MonkeyJam, when you're previewing a shot in the viewer, you might want to change the frame rate up a frame or two. For some reason, it doesn't seem to play at speed, so if you shot 24fps, the viewer is really only giving you 22.

Doesn't make sense, because it's compressed for playback in the preview, but I dropped Dave a line, and he might fix it in the next release.

Awesome Monkeyjamimation though, dood!

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