Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Nickys cool - FIGHT Animation

Hey guys!

This is a fight scene my son Nicky choreographed for a school performance last year.
I just found it on my drive copying some pics over from my latest shoot. I Think he did an awesome job and their is some cool animation going on there. Just look at the poses and the weight. COOL Fun shiznit!

Second try

otherwise....I conquered the shot that I posted about last and it looks great! Im so happy I didnt settle for less than what I wanted.



Ryan McCulloch said...

Such a talented family, you guys are like a Bizarro version of the Osmonds. Great choreography (and execution), does your son plan to do that for a living?

Shelley Noble said...

Hilarious and adorable. What a great family! (Um, everyone should note, those holds all over the walls... get used by these people at flight speed!)

They're like hip Incredibles. Hee.

adam said...

"You have some skill." Haha... funny. Awesome choreography!

Darkstrider said...

Yes, thankfully the cocky and arrogant always leave openings! Good thing to remember for when you get in those unexpected super battles.