Tuesday, April 29, 2008

5 jobs - 3 Failed Shots - and 2 Documentarys

Hey Guys!

TONS A happenin!!

Ive been at an all time HIGH on Bizzy! I officially have 5 jobs not counting my film!!
Tooooooooooooo Much!....... But I have to say....it is paying off our bills nice and fast and it should only last a couple more weeks.
Heres some of the stuff I ve been doing in the stop mo world. I tell you guys what....I have nothing but props for michael granberry over at Mythic Journeys.....he has grown tremendously on that project and is really delivering some high level Professional quality shots....He also is basically thinking on his feet constantly. In That job he has to figure every problem out that can possibly happen while delivering at a HIGH level of quality.
Thats a HUGE responsobility.....and hes getting the job done.
Every thursday night I go over there at 10:30 at night and find my self with a whole new shot with whole new problems to solve....its pretty intimidateing sometimes. I have been pretty pleased with the work Ive created so far.....although most of the shots Ive done arnt super complicated.
Ive animated a ROCK Spirit....crazy puppet unlike anything Ive ever animated before.{Opened my mind to what a puppet can be} I also animated a gargoyl perched in a tree...and then Ive animated a king walking unlike any character Ive ever animated before. He slid and I faked his height with a platform that raised and fell by screws. Crazy stuff....and expanding my stop my experiance with every step. most of the other jobs Im on I cant share with you guys....but Im really enjoying it. I'm animateing A Badd ass robot with the mind of a child!! really cool character....and the movement looks GREAT....really fun and inspireing to watch.

My main job has been really stressfull ......while finishing up a title at my HighImpact games company.....they have me starting an entire new animation team while leading it for another startup company. This is a FULL TIME JOB!!! on top of my full time job....its insane and I cant wait for it to end.
The other freelance jobs have been animal based....and mainly aquatic...so ...busy is the word.

I am also soooooooooo close to finishing my film. I am going to be cutting some jobs in the next couple of weeks so things will speed up again.....We have had a couple of Pickup VO sessions at my workplace to get some added dialog for the film.....this is really changing the feel of the last sequence and adding to the message I want to get across.Its excellent.

as for the film..........Its REALLY coming together guys!!! I am gaining confidence every day...I think I might have something special in the end.
heres a round of my latest fails......uuuuugggggh

at least I can post some video....

Fail one was too fast and too pushed on the arm poses.
Fail two was going great then my puppets legs broke....DAMMMIT!
Fail Three....I was tired....and the moves were un even and well.....it just wasnt good enough

oh yeah....we have a documentary crew coming to the house from MOLI.COM.....to do a segment on me shel and our film....pretty exciteing ...Ill post more soon.



Ryan McCulloch said...

It's inspiring how much you take on, and still, perfection is the name of the game with you. Do you ever sleep? I hear thats a good thing. Can't wait to see the behind the scenes of the studio.

Shelley Noble said...

This is where I nag and say don't overdo it because you are likely the world's best performance animator and we need to see lots more projects.

This is where I say holy cow your rejected scenes are far better than any I will ever capture.

THis is where I tell yu tha tIntern Sophie said that the clips she saw on your blog were "the MOST incredible stop motion" she's ever ever seen and that "Gerald is the most ADORABLE creature in the world." She LOVES him!

jriggity said...


not for the time being....Ha!
I do rather enjoy the act though and plan on getting lots of practice as soon as my project ends....very very close!

I sleep Tuesday and Saturday nights.....otherwise Im pretty BOOKED at the moment.

Cool thing is I just let a couple of my freelance jobs go this morning. I am really happy about this cause I wana finish the film asap.

and I definately dont have the same motivation as when Im working on {Geralds Last Day}or other personal projects.

Herself....awwwwwww...what a nice pice of words that was. I definately am gearing down for some rest and as long as Im not getting sick or weak I feel I can keep it up till the end.

and believe me I have TONS of ideas for future projects.

tell Sophie thanks.....and WOW...
I really appreciate thkind words..

tell her to pop in Corpse bride or Nightmare before christmas if she really wants to see some great animation.

I am really glad she likes my dog though....thats a good sign for sure.


Darkstrider said...

Hey Justin -

Looks like you're baking up a super sculpey Gerald? Does that mean there's possibly a resin version arriving soon? I recall you mentioning something along those lines.

I see you've got one of Kel's Super-Boxes! Looks awesome.... I got myself a USB keypad for running Framethief - thinking of gaffer-taping the remote trigger for the Lumix alongside it.

And wow dude.... who's the creepy little guy crouching over the Super-Box? Is he for the Mythic Journeys shoot? Looks like a zombie or something. Wow.... so much cool stuff going on in Riggityland!

jriggity said...



In fact I am creating resin copies of all my characters for purchase.... and for my own personal collection on the Film.

I have put so much work into the Film I want to have as much of my work extended into the future as possible......plus its always been a dream to make resin copies like the pros do of my characters.

as for Kel's Super-Boxes....its not mine but I do get to use it and its excellent!! I really like the feel.Its for the Mythic Journeys Film.

The creepy little dood by the box is the Corpse from Mythic journeys.Hes the character that is voiced by Mark Hammil and defined by Michael G. animations.

yes, tons going on and its really exciteing!


Joel Brinkerhoff said...

Dude, just dropping by to see what's up. Sounds perdy dern exciting!

I did some stop-mo for the frist time in years and it was HELLLLLL! Them there computers is making me soft.

Keep up the great work!

Don C. said...
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