Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Shel here:

It's late. I'm tired. I'm going to bed. But I thought I'd just post a little tid bit here first.....Cuz it's late and Justin is tired and he is not going to bed.

Tonight was art night, we have weekly family action night and family pile on the couch for movie night too but art night is my favorite night cuz i love the casual conversation that comes up as we all are focusing on our various projects. (I fixed up some props for the pound exterior set and made some progress on the poodle puppets for the reshoot of the opening shot in a couple weeks, maybe less),

some props
After we put the kids to bed Justin and I rapped alone on the couch about our days. funny, we've both been thinking about the our FUTURE FEATURE today which is a coincidence (or a co-inky-dink as my grandpa would say) cuz it's been on the back burner for awhile. Fun to stir the story up again. We both love the characters and the environment and the relationships we have come up with, but the story still has some holes.....we know that project will end up being way more work than either of us can imagine so the story has to be AWESOME and CLEAR enough to keep us passionate about it during the (years of) hard bits.

When we tore ourselves away from eachother Justin went into his office to finish up something for one of his CG jobs ("It'll be really quick", he says) before heading out into the garage to RESHOOT our adoptor walking across the stage while our hero sits there and watches him go by. It's a short walk unless you're counting how long it will take to shoot, in which case it's a really long all nighter.

I can't wait wake up and see it. the film is 95% edited (at least on small frames, i'll edit the real BIG frames after we've removed wires and flicker and such in photoshop). i have to say i am loving editing, every time Justin sends me a shot (he e-mails them to me) i gobble it up and add it to our edit. it's so exciting to be filling in all the holes! especially since there are so few holes left! i think the story is coming across strong. it'll be thrilling to hear music supporting it!

.....and we just added some great new VO from our daughter aedon that really brought the whole little girl section alive......

Aedie Voice Over from handmadeheroes on Vimeo.

last year when we did the original VO she was a little too young to direct, but she totally got it last week (one of the perks of taking years to make a film!) we are so happy to be able use her sweet voice cuz it's so cool to have her be a part of the project, but also cuz it makes for a serious sucker punch near the end of the film.

Justin has about 4 more nights of shooting on this set and then about 1 night each on two more sets--one of these-the happy hill set-i've yet to build, but while i'm doing that justin will be working on the 2D segments for Gerald's thought bubbles.
and then we are done shooting this film.
(not including the little opening and end credit tidbits, those will be shot on green screen).

people keep asking me when it is going to be done and i feel like i've been saying 2 month for a month now and it feels like it'll still be at least 2's kinda scary to leave the SHOOTING stage, just cuz the POST stage is unknown. not having been there before, we really don't know how long POST will take or what new challenges it will bring, but bring them i'm sure it will!

i guess that's another post.

oh yeah, and here's a bad pic of justin getting interviewed by MOLI.COM.

the 2-man crew they sent to shoot him were both independant documentary film makers by night themselves, so they "got it" and asked good questions and were fun to hang with and talk's to making new film maker friends!

goodnight, i'm going to go sleep for both of us!


Shelley Noble said...

Pow WOW! So exciting, Shel. I hate to hear how Justin is pushing his physical body so much but I'm thrilled to hear things are moving on this incredibly wonderful film because I want to see and marvel at it. And the next one...

If it took you another 6 months to finish, it wouldn't be any big deal, right!? Sleep and rest, Justin!

It's going to be a classic--take your time. Although I can guess at how exciting it must be.

Shel, When things are all done and done and done, I'll have to sit you down to explain to me how you can edit in PS to remove the riggings, etc. and then (automatically?) have those edits render to the high res frames? Really?

Ryan McCulloch said...

Your team work is such an inspiration, seeing how your family works together warms my heart and inspires me. More and more I'm going to try to get my wife involved, because it's so much more fun to do a project like this with someone you love. You guys rock!

jriggity said...

hey ryan, thanks....we definitely feel LUCKY! to get to work together.

and yeah shelley, BEST to wait till AFTER to get any editting advice from me, cuz i actually have no idea how it works yet....

i don't know about automatic edit transfers.....i'm pretty sure i have to start over when editing the BIG frames after we clean them up. but i'll be sure to let you know if i figure out a faster way!

also, i just added an aedie VO sample to this post in case you want to hear it.


Grant's Animation said...

I'm looking forward to your film more than all the summer blockbusters combined!

Grant's Animation said...


I noticed in your links it has Ryan McCulloch's name as the header!? Should be "links" right?

Young Vo said...

You are the Man! I can not believe the stuff that you are doing! I feel like a slacker. What are you eating, give me some... no really. Looking forward to seeing the product.

jriggity said...


yup grant LINKS works better there. (as much as we love ryan).



Ryan McCulloch said...


justin_rasch said...

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