Wednesday, June 11, 2008

IM DONE SHOOTING!!!! June/ 10 / 2008

Hey guys!
Thats it right there.......The last Night of me animateing in the Garage on {Geralds Last Day}.

WE did it ......I am finished.........Notice the stressface.... with all principal Photography...Ha!!......... After 2 and 1/2 years of not sleeping and spending the darkest evenings with a bunch of magical little puppets! I have seen them work slowly through the night and would awake to proof of LIFE the next morning. How freaking amazeing!!! In traffic on the way home last night I was just tripping at how every single FRAME of our film I touched physically with my hands. I pushed and pulled and twisted, sculpted molded.......
When I see the finished film I will see shels painted strokes and the peeling paint{MY GRIMEY hands messing up her paint job}....Ill see the amazeing sets shel made for me...her fingerprints.....her acting advice. This is why I chose to do stopmotion instead of CG again. Its all right there and We are responsible for EVERYTHING. Shel input the last shot which happened to be the first shot of the film last night after our date. It looks good and The film is capped{Begining and Ending}. I crawled out of the garage on Tuesday morning at 6:00 am.....and I was finishedno more long nights more hard shots....Im done!!!

Now......into the next phase - I am presently doing my last freelance job for about 2 more weeks.....{another character for a cool new game coming out}then I can focus completely on post. I will be going through the film from begining to end cleaning up every shot and outputting an Uncompressed Quicktime movie for shel to pop into the edit. I sceduled 2 months for this but it will probably take less time.

Part of the post on this film will be adding effects.......removeing wire......deflickering......and adding time here and there for longer shorter pauses where shel cut in the edit. I also will be compositing a few of the 2d thought bubble sequences into the real shots. All of this for the final DVD.......We will give our composer the Locked rough edit to score to while we finish up the cleaning of frames.

By the way --the film is 10 minuets long - much more than I thought it would be.....{originally thought 5 minuets} but I dont think its boreing at all and I hope people are moved by it.

Shel is going to be looking into Film Festivals , she will also be putting together the final edit with Sound effects while thinking about a trailer for our film.....thatll be fun!!!
I was thinking of asking our grandfather who played the {Rich guy-Richard Wealthington} to use his POWERFULL preacher voice to do a cool voice over for the trailer. It could be really awesome.

otherwise Im really really happy! and can believe Im finally here. I am dieing to share the film and cant wait to see it on the bigscreen!! So many cool experiances ahead.

plus I should start catching up on my ZZZZ's very soon!!! YES........


Shelley Noble said...

CONGRATULATIONS! This is hugely exciting. It really is fun to watch it all happening LIVE!!! SO glad you can rest more now because I want to watch more films from the company.

Alonso said...

wow, super congrats!!!! quite a feat you've accomplished. you inspire all of us out here in internet land

Ryan McCulloch said...

Wow! So much work, all done, and yet a new phase is just beginning. Big congrats dude! You need a vacation.

Sven Bonnichsen said...

Congratulations to you,
congratulations to you,
congratulations dear Justin and Sheeeellllll....
congratulations to YOU!

...And many mooooooore!

Gregory Sesma said...

way to go guys.

Darkstrider said...

YEEEAH!!! It's in da CAN baybeeee!!! What a massive accomplishment. This is gonna be incredible!!!!

Don C. said...

Hey Justin,

I want to do the voice-over for the trailer. I think it would be fun, and I am flexible as far as what the voice should be. I used to act in plays and doing voices is part of what I do these days (mostly out of neccessity- I'm a one-guy operation!)

If you're interested, I will send you a clip of a VO I did for Robert Benfer (Knox).

jriggity said...

Thanks guys!!

I need and appreciate you r support!

I do need a vacation....Luckily Im only 2 weeks from a 3 week vacation!That should just about do the trick.

Don....I would love to hear what you did for Knox..

but I think I would like to keep the Vo in the family if possible.

send it over and Ill check it out.


Don C. said...

Argh, I can't find it. The VO was for Alternate Reality, but it's been three years. I'll see if Knox has it.

Regardless, I understand.

John W. Sumner said...

Congrats on the accomplishment! I know how nice it is to finish a project, so it must be so much sweeter after 2 YEARS. You probably know this already, but if you're looking for film festivals, check out It's an online site that informs you of almost EVERY film fest. Plus, it makes the submission process easy. Anyway, congratulations again, I can't wait to see the final product.

goutwort said...

Congratulations on finishing!

What an accomplishment. I can't wait to see the finished product.

I realized today that I had somehow neglected to add you to my links. I thought I had. Sorry. I've remedied the situation.


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