Monday, June 9, 2008

KICK happens!!!!


the post title says it all. I was about halfway throught the Poodle intro reshoot when I pivoted on my Left foot to take a pic with the mouse... My right heel just clipped the tripod base and it was all over.....NNNNNNOOOOOOO000000oooooooooooooooooo..........Total perspective Shift.

I tried to save it......I came up with a scheme of inserting a poodle point of view shot....."Yeah thatll work " So I finish this MASSIVE 40 SOME SECOND SHOT .....and then we throw it into the edit. KICK IN THE BALLS!!!!! doesnt work. shel trys about 3 different edit ideas before we decide Its ANOTHER reshoot for me. Ha!!! I have shot some form of this Animation at least 5 times now. I am almost at the end of my energy guys....{Im just Tired}......well almost...... So I use my Incredible Super Human Discipline and schedule in one more go.....Heres the RAW Sucessful shot that FAILED....DAMMMMIIIIT!
Part 1

Part 2

next......Happy Hills shot.{which by the way went EXCELLENTLY!!!!}Sweeet!

I finished that shot and before I awoke the next morning shel had torn down the hills set and rebulit the pound exterior for the last go at the poodle sequence. I got through last night and its looking like Im through the hard part. One more night in the garage {TONIGHT-Monday - June 9th 2008} and I will be officially FINISHED}

Thank GOD!! Stop motion is freaking TAXING!!.....really hard and I need a Break.

In other NEWS-

We have decided on a recording studio with our composer Robert Litton- Capital records....AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Saying Im excited is an UNDERSATEMENT of the Hugenormous PROportions. He also decided on the ammount of musicians{between 10-15} and the instraments needed for the job.

Ill list out all the details as we approach the scoreing. We are scheduleing getting in the studio in July so Its all comeing together so nicely.

another moment of note....My grandmother is comeing out here to visit in a Couple of weeks and I am going to screen the cartoon for her. She is very Old and I really dont know what to expect she will think. The medium of stop motion is a really crazy thing and I doubt shes seen it before. I hope she likes it and I will post the results.

more to Come soon.


Ryan McCulloch said...

Hey man, sorry about the tripod bumps, wish I had a nickle for every time I did that. But the shots look way fantastic, didn't think they could look better than the old poodle shot.

Wish I could be there for the scoring session......

Your grandma's probably seen a lot of stop-mo in her day. I find old people enjoy it, but have no understanding of the process or how hard it is.

Man, you are getting close!

Sandra Evertson said...


Shelley Noble said...

So so sorry about the bump in the road, doode. And really hear you on the tiredness. You're so tired, that when you rest we'll ALL feel better! HA!

Justin, you are second to none on bringing life into these puppets. My God, Man. When the poodle jumps back at hearing the dogcatcher truck! Get outta town--that is perfect. Just perfect movement.

You and Shel are a two-man movie company equal of any of the greats that had full departments working.

I'm sure your grandma will be delighted by what you've done, if she's still all there, there.

jriggity said...

Ryan- It happens....part of the game.

Im actually suprised at how little I have done it on this project.

Maybe I was lucky.

Sandra- hey a new visitor!! Thanks alot for really helps motivate.

Herself - Its all over Ill be upping my hours for body is ready to regenerate some cells here and there.

and wow ....what a nice thing to say!Me and shel are a definate chemical yummy match!! I feel very fortunate to be all mixed up with her.


Anonymous said...

Hey Jriggity,

A good way to avoid kicks is to make whatever material is holding the tripod down to the ground absorbent of shock.

I use clay or Sculpey because it sicks really well, and holds up kick after kick. I even deliberately kicked and pushed on the tripod with as much force as a bump would be, and in the framegrabber, I flipped back and forth from live.

Not even a BUDGE!