Sunday, July 27, 2008

Coraline and Comicon!

Hey Guys!

Me and Nicky got friday off from work and ran out to Comicon .....for all the artwork inspiration and a quest to see the Coraline puppets.

heres what we found and I am REALLY excited to see this film.

The puppets were anywhere from 6 inches to about 18 inches tall....the faces are
snap on with a seam??? I wonder if the are doing cleanup in post on the seams.
or if these are just an early prototype.

Bueatifull Puppets and nice designs are so thrilling to look at up close.The only characters I didnt love the designs for were the ghost children. Im sure when I see them in the film The will work well.....but They were definately lacking the appeal to me.

I am VERY inspired !!



Grant's Animation said...

Looks like the upper and lower halves of the faces are replacements. Thanks for the pics Justin.

Anonymous said...

Loooove the look of all of the puppets! The ghost children had to fit the story, so I can understand why they would lack appeal. I think they're supposed to.

The excitement in this post is pretty close to what I felt when I visited Laika. They have the best puppets anywhere right now.

Ken A. Priebe said...

Thanks for posting these Justin! Great to see. You're correct, the seams on the faces are blended in post.

John W. Sumner said...

Great shots of the puppets. I'm sorta surprised that with all the security around filming that they would display actual puppets prior to the premier... then again, it is ComiCon.

Ryan McCulloch said...

Thanks! I can't wait to see this one!

Darkstrider said...

The ghost kids remind me of throwbacks to Lock, Shock and Barrel.