Thursday, July 31, 2008

A few More ingrediants!!

Hey guys,

so heres another small ingrediant for Geralds imagination sequence - a 2d animation I did last night for the sequence.... Gerald thinks of a poodle praceing as the ideal dog for the Rich Couple.... The poodle appears....then goes into a prance...

as the dog hits his Show Dog Pointer pose....Gerald jumps from his bubble to the Rich couples bubble.

His face then pops onto the poodle skinny body.....for a small gag...and hopefully some clarification of his upcomeing behavior.

This animation went super fast since I thumbnailed this animation already when I was planning out my shot...

I also found this pic of my naked set floor which has thousands of holes in it...I just think its cool.
The dirty square is where Geralds cage was located. The long stip is the hallway set. and the third spot was just a test area.

Last thing to Share is .....a Piece of art work a good friend of mine Craig Harris did{ }. Its a Rough sketch for the DVD poster cover. I really like the whole design and I think I will use it as a nice direction to head for.



Shelley Noble said...


Love the prance. Love the bare set floor--think it should be up on wall as fine art--save for gallery!

Love the dvd cover concept --GO!--

Cooking up a hit!

Ryan McCulloch said...

It's funny how similar that looks to the clay animated version of the poodle prancing. VERY NICE! Can't wait to see your cover art too! I love the concept sketch.

jriggity said...

Thanks guys

.....glad you guys like the cover concept.I do too!

The stop mo poodle was animated from the same poses I used in this 2d animation.

Most of the walks or runs in my film I have animated on paper or in thumbnail form before I attempted in 3d.

this in the begining helps me in the character untill I memorize and feel the walk all the way.