Tuesday, August 5, 2008

1rst Draft {Composit of 2d elements}

Hey guys,

Heres my first draft of the 2d elements comped into the scene. Getting it all to choreograph time wise was the time consumeing part .....otherwise its been easy .

I would like to add a few more elements before I ship it but ...heres its a taste.



Grant's Animation said...

Fantastic! Really came together well!

Ryan McCulloch said...

Heehee, wow, the 2D works much better next to the stop-mo than I thought. Really Really nice.

jriggity said...

thanks for the words guys.

I have had this mess in my head for a while and didnt realize how time consumeing it would be to create the elements needed.

Im really glad its working.


Ken A. Priebe said...

This made me smile! Wow! Excellent work!

oarstudio said...

it looks great. i dig composited visual content like that. i can't wait to see this film riggity!

Anonymous said...

I love the 2D of the poodle- she moves exactly the same way as she does in puppet form.

The only thing I might suggest is something to distract the audience over to the right side of the screen. I was so entertained by the expressions of Gerald, that I missed his 2-D counterpart the first time around!

Anonymous said...

Scratch that, I just woke up. The sequence works the way it is, man.