Sunday, August 10, 2008

Titles and a { Last Big PUSH!! }

Hey Guys.

Heres the latest News.....Me and Shel did some Titles tests this sunday afternoon.
Heres some examples-We had a bunch of ideas....but this one seemed to get across what we wanted -{handmade and 3d}

Im really happy with the concept but the image quality was so bad compared to the Digital cam images.....that I probably will shoot it again ......but in stop mo with my Digital camera instead of the video cam.

and we also set a Deadline for final Locked time....and Delivery to our Composer.

{September 1rst} Is our Final Date....What that means for me is alot of work in a short ammount of time....I am up for it and excited to get the music rolling on GLD.

So SHEL my partner and producer made me up a schedule and it says WE are going to miss a few HOT dates ....but we are accepting this for the finalizeing of the film.
I will pretty much try to work on the film every day in to the deep nights in order to make it happen. This shouldnt be too hard due to a nice period of not pushing.

One of the big benifits of working on these 2d elements is that I can go to bed at any point of working on it. its not like im in the middle of a shot where i risk a camera jump or lighting change.....or just plain lose the flow of thoughts.

I can come and go anytime my daughter jumps on my head.

So now that I have finished the 2d elements of the Wealthingtons...I have started the Tough guys section.....It will follow the same rhythm as the first...except instead of a Poodle-showdog it will be a Growling Bulldog that Gerald will try to emulate. I hope to finish the toughguys keys tonight or monday night. Then go right into compositing the rough pencil work....and then cleanup and color by the end of the week.

Then one last 2d animation of the dog doing some acting and Im done with the FILMS True story telling neccesities.

The last bits needed for my deadline are the Title which me and shel have done some roughs for. Heres what we were thinking.

thats all for now.



Shelley Noble said...

Awesome awesome awesome title concept. Love it!

Adorable photo of Aedon in your back pockets! Classic.

Good luck with the 2D and deadlines. You have a really really tough producer!

C'mon! missing hot date nights?! That's wrong.

adam said...

Awesome! Roll 'em up and reverse it... clever!

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ yep. time to decide whether or not to actually try and get to know you folk.

(^ I've been putting it off, but
might need a few new to me faces to pull together and wave at each other.

(^ i left L.A. long ago in order to have a child. otherwise I'd never have stopped working 18 hr days.

(^ tho reclusive, I do know a few here and there that might wish for the skills you folk seem to collectivly have.

(^ enjoy the song.

Edwound Wisent said...

(^ sloppy me. I MUST decide which self to be when making comments.

jriggity said...

Thanks Herself!

I like the concept alot....but Im feeling it might not be right for the film.

edwound wisent- Hello and welcome to my blog!

I hope you enjoy watching the progress of this film.


emmyymme said...

It looks awesome, very cool idea for the titles!

Ryan McCulloch said...

It all looks great, love the clay credits, sometimes it's good to remind your audience what the film is made of. Then they can subconsciously be aware of it the whole film and not pass it all off on the computer.

Edwound Wisent said...

(^ heh. wHelp goes.

(^ justin? believe it or not , i worked on Thumbellina: and have ink/painted some don bluth stuff way back in 1993 or so.

(^ this was AS the retiring and moving to ireland thing was in the midst.

(^ now I have this problem:
(^ I have like maybe 3 ppl I'd like to see halfland, but know nobody down that direction I can point to and ask to lead them to her.
9^ two of these you may know or at least are aware of by reputation.

Joel fletcher and Doug Beswick.

(^ the others are.. welllll... better known in music industry and a little more difficult .

(^ anywho: thanks fer sharin'! I'll try to do the same sometime.

mefull said...

Glad to see you are going with a stopmo 3D title seq.

Nice concept, it works for me!

That photo of your daughter standing in your pockets is just fantastic, cracked me up.

You are so close, hope you have a FUN time on this last bit.