Thursday, August 21, 2008

8 Days Left and A Ton A HAPPININ !!!

Hey Guys,

Ive been bustin ass to make my date and its lookin good......I might even finish early with our LOCKED Timeing . I have finished the Toughguys 2d section ......its in pencil test scratchy form but the timeing wont change and the points all come across . It is also all composited into the stop moshots and works well in edit .I am halfway finished with the {Doggys Last Thought} 2d section. This required me animating the door that the Adopters enter....swinging open revealing the Mighty unknown {QUESTION MARK?}. Then an animation of Gerald nodding "NO" while takeing a seat in rebellion of the Acting hes been doing for all the other Adopters. .........In other words - He decides to be HIMSELF !
On other Notes - {My Mold and Casting Adventures} are going great! I have 4 of my characters in Resin Form.....and the others on there way. They Look great and it feels awesome to know long after my sculpy sculpture dies ....the Molds and resin will keep them alive!!!
MUSIC- Me and Shel met with our composer yesterday and watched the film together. We talked about how the audiance needs to feel at key moments - How Gerald feels in His Key moments....We also talked about where music could come in or leave to increase emotional Impact!! - it was really thrilling to watch Robert work......Watching him figure out the puzzle with Technique and Emotion . I am so FREAKIN Excited!!! We get to hear Geralds theme on Piano this next tuesday night. I cant wait to lay my ears on it.
- MOLI.COM.......did small piece on myself and our film for their MoliRollers segment! It is really hard to see yourself on Internet tv......but Its great for our Film and future doing what we do {Make Stop Motion Films} are some links! I feel Honered that they would think enough of my project to do a piece on us. Thanks MOLI!....and Thanks Ryan Mcculloch!!

and Last bit of info Which is incredibly POWERFULL.....I got a JOB on the ROBOT CHICKEN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DREAMS!!! I am going to be working for 4 days in early september at {ShadowMachine Films} animating on my very first TV show. I cant describe how completely -Dorkily- Happy I am to have this opportunity. I will do my best to create work that is up to the quality that many of the shows great animators have done before.

I am planning on animateing a Dialog test next week to warm up these hands for my first jaunt on the show.....this means Ill have a new anim to share with you guys soon!

Thats It for now!

justin - jriggity


Shelley Noble said...

Great interview, Justin. I'm glad the public can spy your super cool family playroom for a few seconds.

You communicated very clearly exactly what you've put into the project and what you'd like out of it. You'll get it all, no doubt.

It's really a kind of intelligence test for investors too. Who's going to see what's happening and grab some for themselves.

John Pierro said...

Justin, everything looks really appealing, animation looks great, and I think you did a fantastic job with the interview and the pitch. Good luck, with it and everything else you do. It's inspiring to see such dedication and hard work turn out so well. Keep up the great work!

Alonso said...

Super Congratulations man! An amazing feat, professional stop motion animator!! Not a lot of those out there.
The interview played great too. Hopefully you find some rich investor that helps you set up your own little studio, and soon we'll start seeing Justin and Shel feature films.
I check this blog everyday, and am inspired every time you have a post.
Congratulations! Well Done!

CJandBuster said...

Justin- Great interview! It's so exciting to see how close to the finish line you are. Cannot wait to be able to buy the DVD.

Conga-Rats on the robot chicken gig!! =)

Young Vo said...

Congrats, Man! Just watched the interview, inspriring. I can't wait to to see this on the big screen.

jriggity said...

Thanks guys!

Tonights the night!!! I get to hear {Geralds Theme} I know the music is going to take it to a whole new level.

Herself! Thanks so much for the confidence.

John - Thanks agian man.

Alonso- I am truly excited about the job man. It is going to be a Dream. It is super cool you are inspired by anything we do on this blog. I get inspired by my vivists all the time so its really nice to feed others as well.

Cj- I cant wait to release it to the public man....Ill let ya know as soon as its out.

Young -Me niether man ....and thanks for the stop by.


Ryan McCulloch said...

MAN! How cool to work on Robot Chicken Star Wars, thats like the coolest stop mo gig out there right now. Can't wait to hear Robert's tune!

Paul (Vortex42) said...

Mega congratulations on the gig Justin! You deserve it - I've been looking forward to the next Starwars special.

Joel Brinkerhoff said...

Hey Justin, did you have a chance to work with my friend Joe Mellow? He'za good guy.

Congratulations and happy shooting!

Brian Oakley said...

CONGRATS ON THE ROBOT CHICKEN GIG!!!! Look forward to seeing the awesome animation you do!