Saturday, July 19, 2008

Returning from a Magical Vacation!!

Hey guys,

been on vacation for the last 3 weeks.....and the last week has been with shel alone. {Ahhhhhhh} That means Nicky Shamus and Aedon were not a part of the last 7 days. This was AWESOME!!! Its been along time since me and shel have had that kinda time alone.

It was the best vacation I ever had....I completely forgot about the film and for the most part all things animation. It was a completely Magical place called Tomales California. Some friends of ours let us use their farm Vacation house for a week of complete adventure and relaxation.The House was on a HUGE Ranch located on the Coast of Bodega Bay. The Land was incredible......We arrived in the late night and had no idea of our surroundings till the following day. We woke up to a Massive spread of Hilly farmland with all kinds of livestock and crazy rock formations all over the place......Adventure time!!Its so crazy to see all the livestock mixed into such amazeing geography......the cows and sheep dont look the same.....they seem more like wild animals grazeing the plains of Magictopia. The hills almost always have a mist about them too so it just adds to the atmosphere.
So heres some pics of the BLUE hOuse! The house had 3 bedrooms and was completley stacked with anything wed ever need....This used to be a Turkeyfarm so the land had 3 barn type houses .....and the about 16 huge Turkey buildings. A bunch of Horse Holdings and more to explore. Ohh yeah.......theres an awesome Sunset HOTTUB to relax in after a day of exploreing or cold water fishing! Ha! ....LUCKY DUCKS !!!!!

Hilly surroundings.....We walked the land just about every day ....finding new cool animals and terrain.We also Biked the hills on our friends Mountain bikes.This was super fun and monster Thigh Burner!! as you walked the land toward the ocean you left the hills and into the Dunes....look at the atmosphere....and SPACE!!!.....So much room to breathe!! On the Coast.... they got those Goonies rocks all over the beachesso ....besides walking, bikeing, cayaking and Fishing we discovered all kinds of abandoned barns and wildlife......Deers , llamas , horses - cows - hawks - rabbits -seals -

we Found an old abandoned farm on our had been abandoned for many had 4 or five buildings all in various states of destroyed.......the main house was compltely covered by blackberry thorns.....we made a caveman machette and got inside to find residues of past lives in there. Super cool and fun. another Unexpected and Amazeingly COOL Part of my vacation was to Meet and Take a lessoon in MAGIC from a professional Magician. WOW......out of nowhere We ran across a real Live MAGIC Shop!!!!!!My uncle used to take me to one when I was a little made a huge imprint on my kid brain.So to find one 20 some years later was Smiles for Miles.I asked shel for Magic lessons a year ago at my last birthday.We couldnt really set it we took the opporotunity for a lesson from a Master. ..........{The Baffling Balzarek!!!!!!!!!}

I met him for an 11 oclock appointment the next day..... He pulled out the table and asked me what I would like to work on.....I told him what I wanted to work on{Sleight of hand Coin Tricks are my favorite} and he put me through the paces.{NOTICE THE HUGE DORKY HAPPY SMILE!}He gave me great feed back on performance - on my dexterity - on stageing was awesome!!! so incredibly cool I couldnt stop smileing!!! He taught me a few new tricks and had me takeing notes on alot of his excellent advice. This was really a dream come true.....................................{ANOTHERONE!!}........somthing I didnt know if I would ever get to do and it fell right out of the sky at the perfect time.
We discovered many similarities between animation and what he does as a Professional Magician.....these were a very nice referenceing point relateing to performance.I hope to visit him again soon to show him my progress and take another lesson.

Talking to him was just as cool as learning the magic......

well thats all for now. Back to work monday....and back to finishing {Geralds Last Day!}



Grant's Animation said...

Looks like you had a great trip just the two of you. And well deserved!

Ryan McCulloch said...

How wonderful, seems like the most perfect getaway possible, good for you guys!

Shelley Noble said...

So happy for you both! What a perfect vacation and what a surprising place. Who knew?

Ethan said...

Wow- what a great trip! You guys deserve it after all your hard work. My favorite part of this post is your Goonies reference!