Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Vacation , Rewards and Finessing!

Well I am officially on vacation!!.....3 weeks starting this monday....
Thought Id share some cool stuff thats happening.
One of my Dreams of haveing a Resin copy of one of my sculptures came true this last week.
I now have 4 copys of my original sculpt. These copys can be sold as colector items or just used as gifts for the Extended Family.
The first character I tried was the Rich guy {Richard Wealthington}....I am really happy to see him in his Resin glory .....

I am sending out the other characters shortly for resinification....

I also thought I d share another cool TOY I got to reward myself with for all the hard work on this project ....

I have always wanted to have dragons Lair video game from the 80's in my collection of early INSPIRATION and Fun......so instead of getting just the dragons Lair Cabinet I Got a SUPER cool arcade machine with EVERY GAME ever made on it......What A cool Toy.
It has like 3 gajillion games on it and It is sooo0ooo freakin fun. All my favorites and Many Many Many more. I am Discovering old games from my youth on it all the time....What a trip.

as for Geralds last day.....I am doing cleanup on the 2d animation section....and coloring of frames.....I have gotten final approval on the first 2d sequence from shel and will hopefully have it all together for us by the time my vacation is over.
so.....another note
It happens every time I make a film.....you watch the film and find lots of spots you could add{Wow you know what would be cool right here} or you could improve on a point{This would be even clearer if? }........ Its the organicness of film makeing and story telling....Discovering of new unplanned moments.....happenings. We are Improveing the film with those choices so I am excited by the new addition of ideas. Evolution of story.
In conclusion.....We decided that the film needs more to the ending...It all happens Way too fast....especially after all that Gerald goes through in the film. The 4 new -short- shots Im adding should add much satisfaction for the audiance....And me as the film maker.I have the next 5 days to completely focus on the film.....I will be alone as Shel and the kids will be out of town. I plan on makeing a Big Leap towards Final time lock.....and The polishing moments of story.
last note.....me and shel have started the engines on our next project which is very much in development. Its a really, really cool project and our first puppet will be going into the oven with our first professional armature in the next day. I wish so badly I could share it because I am so excited about the art we are createing for it......
it will be a good year or so till we can share.....Sadness....either way we are Back to CREATION town in full.



Shelley Noble said...

Fantastic news all around, Justin! You super cool do deserve a big treat like that game console. H00t! I remember Dragon's Lair!

I'm glad you are fleshing out the ending of Gerald Last Day, not because I've seen the film and think so but because you and Shel want to go for making it even better! Fantastic!

Great news about the new project too. But why can't you talk about it for a year? Is is owned by someone else?

Ryan McCulloch said...

Totally cool! You deserve a vacation, and that arcade game ROCKS! Good to surround yourself with your inspirations.

jriggity said...

herself - yes I am haveing a ball with it....FUN STUFF!

Im glad too....its really an improvement 4 sure...so far so good too.

Im on a dinner break right now....and halfway through the first and hardest shot.

It looks pretty nice so far.

as for the next project...I own the artwork and concepts..but I havnt applied for copyright protection yet and I am working with 2 other people who dont want anything released for a while.

Ryan - Inspiration is a Key ...I am constantly surrounding myself with things and people who are inspireing me.

it works too.


CJandBuster said...


I can't wait to order a copy! Everything looks fantastic.

Your mention of Dragons lair brought memories back for me as well =) That and Cliff Hanger with Lupin the III were two of my favorites back then..(Queue day dream music)