Friday, September 19, 2008

The MIGHTY 2 man ORCHESTRA !!!!!!!!!

Hey Guys!

my HERO!

Robert Mutha #$#@%@ Litton..... Ha!!
so we are fastly nearing the Recording date of our film "Geralds Last Day"......September 30th is right around the corner.
I was haveing some anxious feelings about the score......due to many things.

This is my first scored film ever - I am spending almost double my budget on the entire film for the recording and Composeing {CREDIT CARDS} - and I hav'nt had alot of experiance with this crazy instrament called "HARMONICA"...hmmmmmmm?
In most professional cases .....A score isnt heard other than the themes being approved before the recording.

I didnt know that. In my kid imagination....the composer has a piano with a magical tv set in front of him that plays the movie as he plays the music underneath it. A composer would do this with me right over his shoulder like the old school Silent picture musicians.
APPARENTLY this is not how its done....Ha! I have always put music to my old films and watched how the music added to the visuals or supported the storys I was telling.....there for I was expecting that VISUAL experiance.....not the usual deal !

Long story short I called Robert Litton our composer and expressed my fear , concern and realization that I wasnt going to see the music on the pictures till the day of the recording. I'm sure he was slightly annoyed but we have become friends and he decided to ease my mind with a Great harmonica and piano show on the screen at my house. I was very happy to accept the show.
I can imagine how Nerve racking it can be to create music - ART -for a client......especially for a friend client . I do consider Robert a friend I was sensitive to that fact....but "I needed to be moved by what I heard" and I didnt know if the HARMONICA would do it for me.

So .....Robert and Noel came over last night and after a few bounces around the gym to ease any Gibblies in the gut.....we set up in front of the TUBE . Me and shel had clear concerns and were ready to verbalize them if needed.
Robert had Noel play Geralds theme a few times and then we watched the film as he played the piano along side. { WOW!!!!!!!!! I was so FREAKIN relieved....It works - It WORKS BIG TIME!!! I dont know why I couldnt imagine the theme in HARMONICA!! ....but there it was . It was Thrilling guys......THRILLING!!

heres a very very small sneak peek! .....

He also discovered a New Direction for the Toughguys sequence that I think is a grand slam of AWESOMENESS!......its all come together bueatifully! We also have a final instrament and fun tune for the Little girl section. Robert actually made the tune by spelling Aedons name with the piano keys . Super cool!

He played through the entire film for me and it got better and better as it went on. I really Truly see his Brilliance.....and recognize his gift for Music and composition. The way he ties it all together....and the way its supporting the story and emotion events is so freakin cool!!

I no longer feel any fear at all . In fact I feel incredibly confident and EXCITED about the film and the Work he has created. This film just Jumped 40% MORE POWERFULLNESS!!!!! Music has that magical ability to take the visuals to a whole new place......Robert Litton Made it happen.

I am a true FAN! and I will have him do the music for every story I ever tell....{and a bunch I already have told } Ha!..HIGHLY RECCOMENDED!!!!!!!!!!!! you'd be lucky to have him!



John Pierro said...

Justin you're so human, I love that! Love the clip with the music, I agree, very emotional and warm; music does have that power. Best wishes for the rest of your journey with this film, it's looking great!.... enjoy the ride.

Shelley Noble said...

God, That clip looks and sounds amazing!

Congratulations to Handmade Heroes Productions. JRiggitites? Stop Motion Missionaries?

Sounds like Robert nailed it all perfectly for you. He couldn't get a more genuine and happier client review no matter how long and celebrated his career becomes.

This is great.

Anonymous said...

Harmonica works really well for the sentiment and because it's like doggy jail, its amazing how it completes the scene...I think your in good hands...This is very exciting...Huzzah!!!

Sven Bonnichsen said...

Wow... It's like... Happy Birthdaychristmasponiespalooza...

I mean, does it get better than this?

Ryan McCulloch said...

SWEEEEET! SO Cool to see that clip, you guys area great collaboration, it gets me all excited.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

That was like watching the scene in Toy Story when Buzz realizes he's just a toy. So much emotion in the music and subtlety squeezed out of every pixel of animation- and it's STOP MOTION!

Dang. Call me Inspired. Last name: Disbelief

jriggity said...

Thanks guys!!

I am so freakin excited about this level of QUALITY being attached to my artwork.

John - thanks dood

herself - Thanks Im so glad you guys are likeing the direction.
and Robert deserves the praise in full!

Melvyn -I likes it too man.Thanks for the support.

Sven- I am definately able to see how cool this all is......its all happening and Im tasteing it.

Ryan - Thanks for the direction point.....without you I would'nt have met Robert!!

Pram - what a cool compliment!
Thanks dood!

Edwound Wisent said...

(^ what makes it for me is the CLIP. like we are in the studio audiance. if you'd re-shot it all clear up and in the animation screen I wouldn'd ha'wanded poppycorn.

(6(^ kNOW. I'm not goin' te drawl all in here 'xept te sway, helping find sound editors willing to work with Bickford has been the bane to my psyche for over a decade now.

(^his taste in music is SO far away from the map of general public listeing, that in order to soften the blow of his out of control imagery, I kind of suggested to the documenarist trying to make a film about him, that :cough cough: sound may need be done far away from where he had any say in the matter.

(^(^ otherwise, he'd get all strung out trying to create NEW animation to fit NEW musical score.

(^ the side effect of this was that by the time monsterroad came out , bruce had soured on wanting anyone seeing ANYTHING about HIS LIFE 9 it was a very harsh thing t=for him to see the actual finalised product that had taken what felt like over 15 years to clip and crop together from old footage.. inteviews.. random acts of kindness and agressive angst..

(^ I miss his father tremendously.

(^ I at times can't bare to watch any more Mr.Bickford animation in dead silence, but the home movie like quality of watching and recalling my odd (VERY odd) conversations with his altheimered father Old George?

(^ priceless.

(^ thanks for giving me something to watch late in the eve when my family's asleep and I'm pacing the walls wishing the floor was made of rubber padding.