Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New sculpt! and Cool discoveries!

Hey guys!
Just thought Is share a new piece of artwork I just finished. His name is Stinger and hes a character from a game title I worked on tentativly titled {SPYBORGS}. I am presently sculpting some of the characters I animated briefly this last year. In other news I found a very cool piece of ART That I thought was lost to me completely. In part of putting our Press Kit together I had to write up my filmography. This reminded me that I no longer had my early films which saddens me. So I went through every vhs in fast forward That I posessed......{ on of my late night evenings} and FOUND My very first CG animated short film.....WOW.....talk about ????$%$?#%$%#%$#......pfffeeeeewww.
I am so glad I found it......but it is some hard lookin these days...Ha! Believe me though when I tell you it was Considered AWESOME when I created it back in 1995...Ha! ......I have to admit though I am still proud of what I did at the time. I didnt know anything about computers and I had just a basic understanding of 3d programs. That while starting a film and finishing it was a HUGE Accomplishment for the time.Remember....this is before IK and before skinned characters infact. Everything was drawn ,modeled, animated ,storyboarded lit by myself and I did it in my own time off school classes.Finding this film Titled "LOST" inspires me to search out all of my school films and share them with you guys.......They will be up soon. I have to find my old 2d reel as well.


Anonymous said...

What a pro sculpt! When I'm a bizzillonaire and own a big studio I'm makin you the head of the maquette dept...it may be a while...

Ryan McCulloch said...

Nice sculpt dude, he's great, and congrats on findin the ol animation it is definitely wonderful to discover old treasures like that!

bRYEnd_of_the_schtick said...

(^ old treasures are made new with passage of missing time.
(^ and melvyn?
you may wish to speak to the sons and daughters for the head of a maquette dept...
if it may be a while...

nick will make better stuff than his father ever could.
think about it. he's been trained since birth.

(^ no offense, meant:
just stating facets.

John Pierro said...

I tell ya Justin,you get better every day, nice sculpture. Are you gonna share your old animation, that would be fun to see? Onward my friend.

emmyymme said...

Very cool sculpt, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the early animations!

jriggity said...

{Melvyn}- Thanks dood- what a compliment!

{Ryan}- Thanks as well.....It was so cool to rediscover the film. I want someday to look back at a HUGE Trail of films and stories told.

{Bryend} thats for sure....and I agree completely....Nicky has a HUGE advantage with the early start and super Broad experiance in art. Im excited to see what he creates in the future!!

{John} thanks alot man - I gota get some bigger pics up for you guys....they used to get bigger when You clicked on them...? and
YES! I totally am going to share the old film. I just have to get it captured up to my computer.

{emmyymme} thanks for the compliment and thanks again for commenting.....Im enjoying watching your progress as well.

Sven Bonnichsen said...

Oh, when I look at the sculpts that you and Nicky make... I wish it was me. ;)

...Which is to say: DAMN. Congratulations, and I truly admire your work!

Very much looking forward to seeing your early work! Thanks for being willing to share it!

Kramer Klaymation said...

Awesome sculpt.