Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Post it note -Rich Animatic

Hey Guys,

another blast from the past.....i took the old 2d animatic {Rich Sequence} and threw the final music on it to see how it worked....well this one wasnt as clean but it works well in the films final version. We discovered and invented alot in this sequence on its way to being clear and fun.

I was personally the most concerned with this sequence at the editing stage....it was one of my favorite but It wasnt communicateing what I wanted.....after playing with it and adding some 3 shots or so it all worked out well.

I also found these crazy pics I completely forgot about.....jeeez....a 3d mockup of the Pound exterior set. I knocked this out in 20 minuets or so to get an idea on the actual layout of objects.

you can also see some pics of the first test images for the comp.

more to come!



Shelley Noble said...

Aww, that clip is so sad! The isolation is heartrending. Look how >little< Aedon is in that early set up! Wow!

John Pierro said...

Nice to see the progression in setting up that shot outside the pound. You can almost see the gears turning. Cool!