Thursday, November 20, 2008

{Geralds Last Day } The Poster

Hey guys,

me and shel have been hard at work on the Last bits that go with the release. The DVD Box cover - The Poster - The Trailer and Website.

We finished the DVD cover and the poster...... shel has about three different versions of the Trailer....and I am tonight and the rest of the week building the Geralds Last Day well as my Animationrasch website of general artwork.

Heres the Final Cover.



Anonymous said...

Looks awesome! I'll be at the front of the line to buy the DVD.

Did you have any trouble adjusting to the feel of NTSC when you worked on Robot Chicken?

rich johnson said...

brilliant! can't wait to buy this! When can I pre-order? I love the shot and the font you used.

jriggity said...

Don - Thanks ! Framerate - not at fact I didnt even notice. I saw the ex sheet in front of me....and saw how many frames I had to do a move in...and I animated

Rich - DVD wont be available till my site goes up and I see whats up with the festivals. But they are both on the track...chuggin along.

Chris Ilvento said...

I can't wait to see it!! The cover looks great! Keep up the great work man!

emmyymme said...

The cover looks great! Super excited to see the website (and eventually the film!)

John Pierro said...

The Cover works really well, good story telling with just one shot, and very appealing. Good stuff!

mefull said...

Pro all the way!

You guys are doing a great job on this.

harsha said...

hey Justin,

Heartiest Congratulations!
Been following up on your blog & Cant wait to see the film.

handmadeheroes said...

thanks for the encouragement you guys! this is a very exciting stage.

fyi: we added an apostrophe as per some sage advice from now the titles are amended to GERALD'S LAST case that was bugging anyone else.