Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dream # 507: See our film on the BIG screen.....


shel here:
(the pics with Gerald stuff in them are photoshop fantasy----but the reality is not far away!)

Justin and I just got back from the "beautiful and historic Landmark Rialto Theater" in South Pasadena, CA, where we will premiere our film for friends and fam on JANUARY 18, 2009 @ 5:00PM (save the date cuz you are all cordially invited--official invite to come). We met with manager Jeremy Willis to check out the space and see what the DVD quality looked like on the big screen....

For some reason neither of us was prepared for how EXCITING it was. WOW!

Just walking up to the theater got us all dancy happy (well, justin managed to contain the dancing part).....first of all there's the marque, just waiting for Gerald to light it up.....and then all this spanish baroque/egyptian detail carved and painted everywhere,

a sweet little ticket booth, grand sweeping stairs when you first walk in,

a charming little consession area...

and then the theater itself,

so over the top and huge inside with red velvet chairs and chandeliers and even a gargoyle with glaring red eyes guarding over the screen. Grandiose!

Jeremy was very generous with his time and offered to play the whole film, for some reason we hadn't expected that and soon found ourselves picking 2 of the 600 seats to sit down and watch our film.

Justin had huge goosebumps on his arms and a smile to match that was visible even in the dark.

I laughed out loud when first thing, our little 4" poodle bounced onscreen looking about 5' tall!

The sound was awesome...the picture looked great, no grain, which was such a lovely surprise.....in fact it was just un-high def enough to not show the cracking paint and flicker that makes us cringe everytime we've watched it at home. I found myself FEELING GERALD'S STORY, not just seeing the nicks and scratches (though the foley track felt a little too high to me.....) But the best part was hearing Jeremy LAUGHING and "AWW"ing.....so satisfying. He asked for a copy "My girlfriend's going to love this" he says.

Wouldn't it be fun if you all could come to the premiere (we have 600 seats)....it'd be so cool to meet you all in person.

Either way, you know we'll post about it!


R.S.Cole said...

I'm sure you'll bring the house down! Please be sure to take video of any speech you may give before the showing so we can at least feel like we got to go. But if you do a screening in my part of the galaxy, I'll be there with bells on!

Shelley Noble said...

So. Cool. WOO!

rich johnson said...

I hope you guys come to vancouver one day. i can see you guys here after you win the oscar. doing a tour. ;)

Wish I could be there.

Ken A. Priebe said...

Awesome guys! Enjoy it...hope the screening goes well and I can't wait to see your finished film.

Anonymous said...

Man, I wish I had half the ambition you guys have. You've done it right every step of the way. It couldn't be more perfect, the arc this film is taking. It's like a storyline within a storyline- Justin and Shel Take Over
The World!

I want to see what you guys do next!

Alonso said...

sweet! that's super exciting. what a great holiday present it must be :)

jriggity said...

RS. Cole! Thanks for the confidence and stopping by!!! Its my first Ron cole comment! Ha.

....I will try to get the video of any speach or Q and A on the film. .....and a Youtube it will go.

Herself -much thanks!

Rich -Ha! Oscar Ha! in my Dreams...Maybe someday???...after a few more practice films....but we really might end up in vancouver at some festival in the next year?.

Ken- I will and am enjoying it....just so you know...I saw the pic of your Snot Liveing film that played at a theatre in your book and never let go of that image.iT WAS an inspiration and goal 4 sure.

and I cant wait for all of you guys to see the film....we are definately sending it to canada.

Don- Just set a goal and make it happen dood!...and as for a story in a story ....I completly agree.

and you guys are going to Love the next project...the story is super fun and strong.

Alonso- for sure man! Merry christmas and Happy birthday all into one package!


handmadeheroes said...

thanks guys.....wish you could be here....(shelley, hope you can come!).....

don -- we can't wait to see what we do next either....our next film is so clear in our heads, it's crazy to think it will take a year and a half or so to get from here to an actual film!

but we are excited about the journey and definitely looking forward to it not being a completely new learning process every step of the way!

Robert said...

Why yes, kind sir. I believe I WILL have an M&M's.

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin,

I noticed a typo in the movie poster-

Adoptor should be adopter.

Not a big deal.

handmadeheroes said...

hey don,

i think that is probably a very big deal!!

i'm gonna go fix that right now...



Anonymous said...

Oh, thanks.

I just didn't want it to seem like I was picking on your spelling. :)

Kenneth Sipel said...

wow I'm actually thinking of flying down. You wouldn't happen to be selling the DVD with extras in the lobby after the eh?

jriggity said...

Ken- Ha!

I would be so freakin honered that anyone would show up to one of my cartoons..ha!

but as for selling the dvd...probably not yet....I got to keep the lid on it untill it runs the festival circuit.

If it showed up on youtube it would hurt my chances for festivals.

Id be glad to meet ya though...


michaelmallon60 said...

congratulations and all the best on the festival circuit. I cant imagine how amazing it must be to see one of your own creations on the big screen!!!