Tuesday, December 2, 2008

GLD gets adopted by 2 Festivals!

Shel Here:

The fest replies are starting to trickle in.....

first we got two NOs (well, really we got no news by the "notify by" date, which i'm pretty sure = NO).....i have to say--"OUCH".... i was kinda surprised that it bothered me, cuz i'd like to say i don't care what other people think of it, we did it for our own enjoyment of doing it....but it actually bothered me.

then we got a YES! from FESTIVUS a festival in Denver that we applied to cuz we wanted to have the film show where Justin's little sister lives......we are SUPER excited to share our first fest experience with Jenna and Chris.

then another no.....(Uhuuhhh!)

then yesterday i e-mailed one of the no-replys, HUBBUB (Las Vegas Animation Fest) and they actually wrote back (!) today and said, "sorry we're running late, but we want your film....."

so now we're up to 2 YESs.


meanwhile, i'm avoiding making the TRAILER by painting resin statues of all GLD's characters that our friend/amazing artist Leo Gotlibowski cast of justin's sculpts. I'd like to have them done for our PREMIER (at the beautiful and historic landmark Rialto theater for friends and fam on January 18 @ 5:00)....I'll post pics of the painted statues soon. and justin's avoiding working on the website by sculpting one of the characters for our next short, which we are excitedly into preproduction on. .........good thing we don't have lots of time to sit around and worry about fest YESes and NOs (HA!).


Shelley Noble said...

Shel, I'm positive that a well run, organized festival is a rare thing. I'm certain the people you haven't heard from are just at loose ends, like Las Vegas was.

And if anyone is stupid enough not to include this masterpiece, well, then... they will feel foolish soon enough.

Nofby said...

Awesome! Have you tried emailing back the other?

Alonso said...

Awesome Awesome! Celebrate the positive, ignore the negative.

You guys have to get the promotional stuff done, the trailer and website. Once Gerald hit's everyone's gonna come calling, if you have everything all spic and span then who knows maybe people will start throwing money at you and poof! you're studios funded :)

(Hey, it happened to Shane Acker's 9, short film (that's just a CG version of the brothers Quay) get's noticed at film festivals and spun into a feature. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/9_(film) )

John Pierro said...

Don't let that voice in your head allow you to care about a couple of rejections. You know what you guys accomplished, and it's wonderful! Hurray to the Ya's boo to the na's

rich johnson said...

Congrats! Whoohoo!! prepro on a new one to! Wow u guys are awesome! It's all gonna happen for you guys I know it!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe that you got ANY "no's"! I could get all riled up and go on and on, blackguarding the OFFENSIVE parties, but instead I'll just say..."THEIR LOSS".

Their major, incredible...loss.

I'll be rooting for ya from Portland.

Anonymous said...

all the way.

jriggity said...

Herself - I hope you are right ....It would be a cool suprise if it works out.

and you guys are so nice with your untra confidence.

Nofby -Shel did email the other festivals and asked if we dont hear from them does that mean we arnt accepted.....hopefully we will hear back.

Alonso - Will do man...Me and Shel are genetically programmed to be positive...so we have a huge head start.

As for the promotional stuff...Im actually dragging ass a bit. I am working on it but I am so unmotivated on the web site....I just want to get makeing the next film..Ha!

I also dont want to take the time to make a really nice site....Because It takes just that TIME. I will ofcourse buckle down and throw somthing together.

as for shane acker....I have been useing his story for Inspiration for a Good While man....its the perfect situation and I enjoyed his film very much.

John- WORD!

Rich- Thanks dood!

Don- Thanks man....Portland is on the list a couple of times...so It has twice the chances .


Anonymous said...

Let me know when 'Gerald is playing here and I'll go see it! I love festivals, but I've never seen a friend's work on a big screen before (except for when I went to see Prometheus' Garden and talked to Mr. B afterwards. On my 31st birthday, no less!

emmyymme said...

Congrats that's awesome! Glad to hear it's starting to get accepted in the festival circuit.. and more yes's to come I'm sure!!

Kenneth Sipel said...

That sounds like a good start to the whole festival process. Is that an image of marketing material, it looks very cool? I'm debating if I should fly down for the show or not - that would be amazing. Er, the debate is about money and time , I know want to go.

jriggity said...

Ken - thats actually a tiny prop shel made for a few shots in the film.

The poundworkers clipboard...its a prop that has Geralds sceduled termination on it.

as for coming down...The film is going to be playing all over the place so itll be in you parts one of these days.

I am honered though that you would come down for a 10 minuet film...Ha!


Paul (Vortex42) said...

Mega-Cool news Guys!

Well done!!!

Mad Max Winston said...

cool, horray! Keep sending it to festivals! withoutabox.com is pretty helpful... I want to see it, too!