Monday, December 8, 2008

PRESS KIT (and new fest update side box)

Shel here:

i put a press kit together on a blog (inspired by ron cole's blog-hosted press kit--thanks ron!!)

check it out at:

also while putting it together i actually figured out how to do nifty little side check out our new FEST UPDATE box up and to your right----->

the saddest news is that we got slammed by slamdance--ouch! (it's nice they tell you either way at least).....and then we got tripple picked up by a group of CHIDREN'S FESTS so that was cool (and one of the fests is at COMICON which actually impressed our teenaged sons, now THAT'S an achievement!).


Shelley Noble said...

Fantastic job, Shel and Justin! I love the bit about the dining table damage. All the copy and photos are impressive indeed. You have done a smashing job with all of it. Well done.

John Pierro said...

Love the press kit. Everything is very appealing and the stills and making of pics look great. The Directors statement is a wonderful story in itself, and again totally inspiring. You two make a great team and company.

handmadeheroes said...

i'm so glad you guys like it, thanks for the means alot!

Hermanos Encinas said...

Congratulations of this short. Looks good, and thanks for the comment in my blog.

I want to make a entry about your short, Where can i see the short?.

A hug

Kenneth Sipel said...

Once again you did what it took to do a great job.
Just noticed the SF showing in Feb-Mar, I guess I'll wait until then to see the film. If you are coming to the SF opening you can certainly stay with me.

handmadeheroes said...


we are definately going up to SF for that one.....we have a place to stay but what a KIND offer! thanks. please make sure to track us down and say hi. it'll be fun to meet you in person.


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