Tuesday, December 30, 2008


CHECK IT OUT: Stop motion Animator Ryan McCulloch got a sneak peek and then posted a review of Gerald's Last Day.

It's got lots interactive clickables.

Thanks Ryan!


CraftCadet said...

Great review.... Any idea when you going to go global with this wonderous looking, sounding and much anticipated film

John Pierro said...

Bravo,a much deserved review!!

jriggity said...


actually we are Global---kind of??

we have entered 55 + festivals all over the world....and Ive been saveing my sick days and vacation time for some adventures in unknown lands.

as far as the dvd being ready for purchase.--we are waiting on the festivals and special features.

if i sell it now and it ends up on you tube....I will be disqualified from any awards or exposure that could help our future plans as animator / directors.

I need to do a poll one of these days to see exactly how much interest there actually is in GLD.

If it was actually of size I might think of makeing it available sooner?