Tuesday, January 6, 2009

{Geralds Last Day} Trailer

Hey Guys,

After a LONG Day back at work and an early start to it........I got to come home to a finished Trailer for Geralds Last Day.

On one of our many hikes a month or so back....at the top of the mountain we decided on a direction for the Trailer. Drawing lines in the dirt and doing dialog in our heads we had a clear vision. We just had to find the time to make it happen.{Always the Hardest Part}

Well..... Shel stole time here and there and made it happen....after editing it together and doing her own temp voice over for previews.....we called on the most talented voice actor we know. Shels ....Dad.... Don . Don's a preacher with some BOOMIN Vocals and he also posesses an old fashion Radio voice with a cast of characters to color any conversation.

He came all the way out to Burbank for 3 lines of Dialog on the trailer....THANKS DON!!!

I think the Trailer Says it all without giveing anything away....so I feel its a total success!



rich johnson said...

awesome trailer guys! The end is the best. the little girl sounds adorable. ( is that your daughter?)
The end is heartbreaking without even seeing anything.

Great choice on using your dad for the voice over! He sounds perfect!

I want more! :)

Can't wait to see it.

CraftCadet said...

Very cute. I'm really looking forward to seeing it, the suspence is killing me.

handmadeheroes said...

thanks guys!

yeah rich, that's our little girl! she was 3 when we started the film and now she's six....i have to say i'm partial to that part too!!


Robert said...

Was that a harmonica...or a stroke of genius?!?

Shelley Noble said...

Simply brill! Perfect. Voices, and strokes of genius musical score,all sensational!

Can't wait!

adam said...

Great trailer! I like how it doesn't give any juicy stuff away, but still makes you want to watch it. :)

Matt said...

Awesome trailer! I didn't think it was possible to make me more excited about the film!

Ryan McCulloch said...

SWEEEEET! Spread the word!

John W. Sumner said...

I don't post too many comments, but this trailer is too good to pass up. You guys have put something really special together. I'm looking forward to the premier on the 18th.

John and the Crew at MIU Studios

Anonymous said...

This is a cinematic entry into history. Pat yourselves on the back with both hands!

I can't remember if you guys are going to be in Portland when Gerald's Last Day comes up here to our little theater, but if you are coming, then I can't wait to meet you.

jriggity said...

You guys are WAY TOO KIND!! Ha!!!

its going to be scary as hell to show our film to you guys because you have such high expectations!..

John! Hey man...awesome Im so glad you guys are coming..Im going to get to meet alot of people from the community out here. This is really exciteing!!

Don - YES....We are definately going to make an appearance in Portland if we are accepted!

well see ya there.