Thursday, December 25, 2008

Special Features- Bunch a pics!

Hey guys!

Heres some of the latest....

a couple of weekends back a good friend from art school as well as fellow animator {John Kim} came over to Film our Special Features for the GLD - DVD. John is a Film /Camera buff and has created a series of animation reference DVDS under his lable {Rhino House}

as well as haveing over 10 years as a professional animator....creating the highest quality work. These dvds are AWESOME and I highly reccomend them to anyone wanting reference for Animals and Humans. He took about 2 + years off from the industry createing a dvd series supplying animators with highest quality footage of Animals and Humans.

His DVDs were created with animation in mind and it was awesome watching it all happen as well as our family getting to help out. I have used Johns story for inspiration and a look at whats possible with hard work and clear goals. He took a HUGE Risk in takeing his own money and time to Create this series and I gots the Highest respect for that.

I too will be takeing a break from the industry to make a Feature animated Film with Shel in the future and John is the person who showed me first hand I could make it a reality. so....This was our second attempt to film the interviews and such. Our first try was a couple of weeks ago and was a fail. We created a list of question from many different people online and questions I would like to know if I were to buy a Stop Mo DVD...........but........ the answers to the question seemed to drag on and the actual picture didnt have the appeal that John was looking for.

So.......We chalked it up to a practice run...... returning again for a second try we decided to edit in camera as much as we could to save time later. This meant clear chapters and sharper answers to the interviews. John also took the time to create nice lighting and compositions for all of the question answers. This brought the production quality up to a much higher quality.

We have it all in digital format now....and it is waiting to be edited...This is a task for after the holidays.....and Shel has some cool ideas on how to lay it out.

Heres some pics from the footage

In other News - We were accepted to a few more festivals...Very Exciteing!!!! We sent out our final movie to the production house for Digibeta movie dubs and a Master creation. This is a big Milestone for us and Its Looking great.

We also found out that we are among the 3 finalists at the {Show of your Shorts Film Fest} out here in Los Angeles. This is crazy cool...Ive seen the other films and I believe we really have a shot at winning. Its no easy win if we do..... but We are neck and neck in quality.

More to come.


emmyymme said...

Congrats on getting into more festivals - that's great news!
The special features look great - really looking forward to this release. It's inspiring how much work you're putting into the extras let alone the film!

Shelley Noble said...

Absolutely fantastic, Guys! Can't wait to see every bit!

Anonymous said...


Those animation DVD's... I might have to buy some, as well as yours.

The study of motion is what I'm after, but haven't had a good way to capture it at the proper rate without dropping frames. I think your friend's motion DVD's are just what I needs.

Anonymous said...

Great behind the scenes stuff, too!

Mike Adair said...

Every bit of this is inspiring to the core!

It's like you're throwing a big ol' heart shaped rock full of passion into the world and making some awesome ripples.

Cannot wait to see all of it.

John Pierro said...

The stills from the recent shoot are very bright, appealing, and nicely composed. You guys are doing everything right, I love everything I've seen.
One day maybe I can come do some work for Rasch/Motion Studios. I've always wanted to do stop animation anyways.
Great idea for the animation dvd's I'll pass that along to the Disney alumni group. Rock on guys

jriggity said...

Emmyymme- thanks for all the support!

Herself-Cant WAIT Ta show you..

Don- yeah man...those dvds are RICH with reff...TONS

Mike- thanks for the comment dood!

John Pierro- Man on man...Rasch/Motion Studios would LOVE To have some John Pierro art graceing our story telling! Dont be suprised when you get a call someday.


Alonso said...

exciting stuff, looking very cool. Looks like you in a couple of those rhino house demo's (I've heard about them before for animator's, all good things)

When is your movie gonna be available to buy?

So we haven't seen much animation from Shel lately, if you guys are gonna do a feature you better get back to practicing :)

I was thinking about indie film makers and independently produced short films and how to make money at it. There's the huge "indie" like Hoodwinked and Delgo, and seems they get screwed over because in the end it's the distribution problem, can't get enough theaters to pick it up to pay them money, and they don't have the cash flow to do the marketing blitz needed to suck people in. I was thinking the tiny guys have to come up with a whole new paradigm of making a film sustainable. I think had a really interesting idea, he broke his film into 15 chunks and released the chunks online as he finished, withholding the final 4 or so to encourage people to buy the dvd. I think a big part of his cash in flow is his schwagg, speaking of which, that's how homestarrunner has supported themselves for so long, on the schwagg.

Course if you can land the hollywood producer like Shane Acker's 9 or Kerry Conran's Sky Captain and the World of tomorrow that's probably the easiest. But personally I find that old holywood system stagnant and stiffling, I look forwards to new authors inventing a new way to find entertainment where they don't have to compromise their visions because there are too many suits siting market research.

anyway, apparently I've rambled about a bit. Looking forwards to the new adventures from you guys :)

Robert said...

I thought you were going to give me some powerful digital chest not cool.

jriggity said...


yeah man....thats me in the dvd as {basic Human} I did tons of moves for wife shel did all the basic female moves...and all of our kids did work for the kids ref.

as far as the dvd being ready for purchase.--we are waiting on the festivals and special features.

if i sell it now and it ends up on you tube....I will be disqualified from any awards or exposure that could help our future plans as animator / directors.

yeah man...the is a great idea...There are so many methods to getting your films out there nowadays.

I need to do a poll one of these days to see exactly how much interest there actually is in GLD.
If it was actually of size I might think of makeing it available sooner?

Robert- Ha....Powerfull chest Hair a coming.


.. said...

Wow! What a small world. I stumbled onto this site for some research on stop motion and found out you know a roommate of mine while I was AIP (John Kim).

Small world! Good luck with the film!