Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Toughguys Post it note - Animatic

Hey guys!

got another post it note animatic from the film to share.....These storyboards were done in the passenger side seat of our minivan on a roadtrip up north a few year ago.....These were little 2 by two {or so} yellow post its I got from work. Its funny how much creating I do in vehicles in traffic.

this will be the last animatic shared untill the release of the dvd.....I am takeing the advice of a few people and keeping the last 2 segments under wraps for the final release. This way theres still a few suprises.

We have alot of cool new stuff to post about...so ...stay tuned!

over and out.



Shelley Noble said...


Edwound Wisent said...

(^ heh. nice balance of leftovers and hint hitches.

(^ so uhmmm.. you still got the original post it notes lying around somewheres?

(^ laminate em with your contact info on the back or somethin as potential biz cards for ultra fans who may well become your cheapest and most enthusiastic cheerleaders and underground advertisers.

(^ yes.know. not joking.
(^ I mean it's no quite pencil lead shavings obsessive, but showing where ideas REALLY come from is important to teach the academically overtrained something I picked up from reading somethin I.Klein wrote about his time working at terry tunes that lead to the creation of mighty-mouse.

(^that's right. I.Klein. not Misha. knot Klein bottle either.


jriggity said...

We are so close to shareing the film guys!

Ed- Ummmm? not sure what you mean...but i think you enjoyed looking at the vid?

and yes- I do have all the original pot it notes in a big pile of drawings from the makeing of the film.

I will keep that stuff for ever too. I love looking back every now and then to the beginings of an idea .....or an artistic place I was at... a certain time.

biz card would be kinda neat though.


kk said...

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