Sunday, March 29, 2009

QuickPost Back to the fun stuff!

Hey guys,

I've been missing the {Art based-Film Posts}....alot of traveling been on here for a bit. Well ...the film is moveing along......I'm still storyboarding....over an inch deep in drawings. Me and Shel worked out a sticky spot today so I can now move forward through the rest of the boarding process.
as a QUICK post and to celebrate the coming Space Ships for our next film....Ill share the Early design Drawings-sketches for the 2 ships in the film.

Dobers Ship-
Flea Dood Ship-These ships will be built In full size{1 foot and a half long} and with the ability to shoot from all angles....They should be amazeing looking Display Pieces at the end of this production. They will be very large and exciteing to watch happen.

Shel Found an expert Ship Builder that will be educateing and Helping in the Construction of the Ships......he works in Stop motion and knows all the specific needs for the medium. They will start in just 2 weeks on Dobers ship first. It will be a new and exciteing weath of knowlege and new materials she will gain for our future in film makeing.

other wise ...3 more days till Sonoma....Exciteing!!!!!

We were also accepted into a bunch of new festivals this last week.RED STICK ANIMATION Apr 22-25.....and INDIE SPIRIT F.F. (Colorado) Apr 24-26

Hope to Have some animation soon....



Paul (Vortex42) said...

These ships look awesome! Such cool designs. Each one has it's own look which will be instantly recognisable. It's like in StarWars (the original films) each of the ships had an iconic look with a strong sillohette.

These are going to be amazing to see when they are completed!

John Pierro said...

I'm so glad I signed up to take this class on Stop- Mo Animation! Great designs, and looking forward to see how you guys will be building them. Hurray for more festivals! - john

rich johnson said...

cool! I love the ships. Can't wait to see how you make em. R u planning to do some blue screen with them? Very exciting!

Season Mustful said...

it's so rad that you will be working with an actual ship builder! Can't wait to see the final build.
Watching your process and progress is super inspiring- thanks and congrats on your continuing success!

Gregory Sesma said...

Those ships are going to be soooo cool.

Ryan McCulloch said...

I Cant wait!

amoebaboy said...

i shall be keeping a close eye on this, be sure and give us some updates they look fab!

jriggity said...

Hey guys!

thanks so much for the comments...were just back from Sonoma Film Fest...

{Paul}- thanks dood! and I agree they have to each have a unique visual...its a major part of the story in the end.

I too am super excited to watch them get built!

{John}-Yeah man...its a class for me too. Im jealous about shel gettin to learn so much from him. But I got my hands full.

{Rich}yes...we will be doing some blue screen for the intro in space.
We will document the whole ride.

{Season}Thanks alot season...I get so inspired by all of you guys blogs ....its on fair to offer back some fun stuff.

{Gregory} -Sooper fun stuff dood!

{Ryan}Me neither!!

{amoebaboy} -yeah man...spaceship building is right up your alley.


Anonymous said...

Dude, you have having way too much fun! I'm inspired by stop-mo now.